28 September 2010

The Event

Last we saw, a plane headed for the President got sucked into the air. Now we see it reappear, over a desert, coming in for a crash landing. It lands pretty smoothly for a crash landing, but I guess considering it's landing on relatively hard, flat desert, I'll give it a pass. Sean and Michael, his future father-in-law, make it off the plane with everyone else.

Flashback: D.B. Sweeney forces Michael to swear he'll fly the plane, or else he'll kill his daughter (and they already killed his wife).

President Underwood meets with his peeps for a briefing, and they claim their military doesn't have this kind of technology.

Flashback: The President is briefed on the crash of an extraterrestrial UFO in Alaska in 1944. Among the "people" (they differ from humans by 1%) on that craft is Sophia, the leader that the President was meeting with earlier today.

Helicopters are on the way to the crash site, but Michael tells Sean to run and find Leila, that the copters aren't there to help. He wanders into the desert and collapses.

Flashback: That clingy, annoying couple they met up with on the cruise? The woman was one of the people who was holding Leila at gunpoint, and we see D.B. Sweeney kidnap her from her room (after killing the woman's creepy BF, who was hitting on Leila).

Sean wakes up in a hospital in Arizona, after being found in the desert. He talks about a plane crash, but everyone calls it heat stroke since there haven't been reports of a crash. The nurse calls the police, who say that Sean's wanted for the murder of the dude on that cruise.

Flashback: To the 1944 plane crash, when Sophia told the rest of the aliens to run away from the crash.

The President visits Sophia, who is in holding, telling the audience that he had planned to announce the existence of the aliens, and to free them and allow them to integrate. He wants to know who tried to kill him. She said her people saved his life. He wants to know how many of them there are, and where the plane is.

Flashback: Five years ago, to when Sean met Leila. I'm sorry - are we really supposed to believe he hasn't changed that horrible facial hair in 5 years!? I'm not buying it.

The FBI comes to the hospital and arrests Sean, and as they drive him wherever, they're not buying his story. They come up on the spot where Sean says the plane crashed, but there's a detour (allegedly due to a jackknifed hazmat crash). Of course, the plane is crashed just beyond that, but the feds turn around. A bunch of humvees arrive at the crash site, including that Hottie Asian guy. In a really creepy shot, we see that the passengers are all dead, scattered across the desert.

Flashback: That Hottie Asian guy? Really an alien. We see him 5 years ago faking a blood test to get into the CIA, and then "working with" the President's guy to "uncover the aliens." Cool.

So it looks like we have 2 factions that came out of these aliens - 1 who wants to integrate and have the truth exposed, and the other who I guess wanted to prevent it. Who knows, but it's pretty cool. I still like it.

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