19 September 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design classic American sportswear inspired by Jackie Kennedy. Well, that's random, boring, and purposeless. Seriously, I don't get the Jackie O. tie-in at all. Is it her birthday or something? They are later told they have to make outerwear to go with their look.

You know what's sad? These designers are boring and making me nearly fall asleep. But Mondo looks great with eye makeup, so there's that.

Michael C. has this problem where he makes 3 different things and can't decide what to use. He's a mess - he made 3 dresses and 3 jackets. Oy.

Christopher has this problem where he thinks throwing leather over his model's shoulders counts as outerwear. His dress was gorgeous though.

Call me dumb, but I didn't mind Michael D's, even though at first it seemed like it would be a Wild West-style skirt. I'm undecided about Andy's saddlebag pants - but I think I liked them, minus the crazy crotch and butt. But maybe Jackie wouldn't have worn them? Oh who the hell knows - that bitch has been dead for a while, hasn't she? Mondo's was very him but still fit the challenge. It was great. Ivy's was pretty cool - she always does some nice, flowy pants, doesn't she?

Tim Gunn Line of the Day: "Jackie Kennedy would not have cameltoe." Or would she?

Guest Judge: January Jones. Look, I love me some Mad Men and I love to hate me some Betty Draper, but January Jones makes my skin crawl. Do not like. Luckily, she didn't really contribute much.

The judges hated Christopher's dirty dishrag/toilet seat cover wrap and Michael D's whole look. Go figure - I was wrong about that one. Heidi really slammed Andy's stuff - to the point where it was kind of rude and I felt really bad for him. The pants were ill-fitting for sure. They hammered Valerie too, but I actually really liked her vest.

Here are Andy's pants, for your consideration:

Winner: Mondo. YAY!

Bye-bye: Michael D. Well, how sad, I liked that skirt. And for all their hammering of Andy, he wasn't even in the Bottom Two. Damn you, editors!

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Kim said...

So this is the first time that I've watched PR at the same time that you've blogged about it so it's the first post I've read. Have you written about Valerie's gigantic hairy whatisthatamole on her arm?!?!?!!