09 September 2010

Top Chef Times Two

I have 2 episodes to catch up on, as I was on a trip to London, which included eating at 2 Gordon Ramsay restaurants (they were amazing!). And, appropriately enough, the winner of the Quickfire Challenge gets to go to London.

Quickfire Challenge: Prepare a dish for a wine pairing. Well that's vague and dull, isn't it? Angelo wins. Enjoy London, douchebag.

Elimination Challenge: Design a dish for the astronauts on the space station, one that can be freeze-dried well. Cool. None of the dishes were busts - so this was a pretty boring episode. Without major screw-ups or drama, this just drags. But at least all of the food looks good.

Winner: Angelo. Ick.

Bye-bye: Tiffany. NOOOOO! I'm pissed. She's great and I loved her. I definitely wanted Kevin to get kicked out first. Boooooo.

FINALE TIME! Ed, Kevin, Angelo, and Kelly. Kevin doesn't belong, Angelo's a giant douchebag, so I'm rooting for Ed and Kelly.

The finale takes place in Singapore this year for some reason. Everyone's eating at a street market when suddenly Padma comes into the picture. Which means it's time for a Quickfire Challenge: Make some Singapore street food in a wok. They all act like a wok is the hardest thing to use and only Angelo has developed a skill for it. Is it really? Am I not supposed to use mine to make chili? Winner: Ed. NICE! Ed makes it to the finale automatically.

Elimination Challenge: Work as a team to cater a party. It's weird that Ed has immunity but still has to participate. What's the point? At least he can just cut loose and have some fun while everyone else sweats their balls off.

Angelo makes Lamb Tartare and I want to puke. The only thing worse than lamb? Raw lamb.

Daddy Tom comes into the kitchen and admonishes the chefs for only planning to make one dish each. So they have to come up with something quickly (except for Ed, who is a showoff and already planned to do 2). The foreign waitstaff complicate things even further - it's kind of high comedy. They're inept, bumbling, and sometimes write their tickets in Chinese.

The chefs all produce amazing dishes, most of which look good to me too (raw lamb notwithstanding). The judges seriously lose their minds over some of this food. Another tough one where everyone's pretty equal. Even Kevin deserves to be there at this point, so I'm only actively rooting against Angelo because he's a horse's ass.

Winner: Ed. Yeah, Ed is the man. Good for him.

Bye-bye: Kelly. Definitely saw that coming.


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