11 September 2010

Project Runway Times Two

Gotta catch up on my Project Runway too!

Challenge: Recycle a bridesmaid's dress -- and it's Real World Model Time, which is never good. They also throw in some utterly pointless bit where the designs are judged in a public showcase by regular people off the street.

Ivy proves she's the Bitch of the Show by getting mad at Michael C. for allegedly calling her the Bitch of the Show. He claims he didn't, and it's not like we see it happen - you think the editors would want to show that. I hate that Ivy's so mean to him because I love me some Michael C. The judges loved his dress too - I'm so over all of these hater bitches!!!

Mondo made the most fabulous dress ever out of his ugly pink dress! Ivy and Casanova made pants and cute tops - I really loved Casanova's. Andy made a great little shorts outfit, and April's dress was great. Valerie's and Peach's were really, really gross.

Winner: Michael C. HA! Take that, bitches! My man can sew!

Bye-bye: Peach. No one can argue that, even Peach.

On to the next one.

Challenge: Create a resort wear look. Tim mixes things up after the trip to Mood by making teams of 2 -- and they each have to execute their partner's design. That sounds like a massive pain in the ass. And it's especially hard for picky Ivy, which means it's entertaining. What a micromanaging bitch. Poor Michael D. (and thank god she didn't get Michael C.)!

April's idea of a resort is an asylum. Cool, mine too. Mondo wins my heart by being a dick to Michael C. and then admitting he was a dick to Michael C. Yay Mondo! For a second there I was getting mad at him for being a bitch. I'm glad he likes my man now.

Everything looked pretty good, except Ivy's looked awful and I guess it's Michael D's fault (or at least that's how she'll spin it). I didn't like Gretchen's design/color choices either.

Yep, Ivy blames Michael D. for not being able to execute the pants she had planned. But what she had to settle for was awful, so isn't that her fault for not being adaptable? Or for not trusting him to even try the pants? She's the Bitch of the Show and I'm over her.

Winner: April. I liked Andy's better, but April's was still cool and different.

Bye-bye: Casanova. Awww, I feel bad for him. Sure, his look was a bit old-fashioned, but I thought it was still classy. I don't think it was as bad as they thought - and I wanted Ivy's bitch ass gone.

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