20 September 2010

The Event

Alright, dammit, let's find out what this goddamn Event is. Hmmmm - we open in Miami. Well, this can't be good news for me. A plane takes off with a dude whose facial hair is doomed to bother me for the rest of this show. A hottie Asian (HOTTIE!) is on a mission to stop the plane from taking off, saying there's a terrorist onboard, but it takes off. The Dude With The Bad Facial Hair (I suppose I will call him Sean because it's easier, but never forget how awful that facial hair is) goes to the front of the plane and pulls out a gun.

We flashback to Sean, on a cruise vacation with his girlfriend. He's cut off mid-marriage proposal by someone's cries for help, and saves a woman from drowning. The woman and her boyfriend becomes that annoying couple that wants to hang out with you for the rest of the cruise. Sean and the other chick end up going on an excursion, and by the time they get back to the ship, Sean's GF is missing, someone else is staying in his room, and there's no record of Sean and his GF ever being on the ship. He tries to call his GF, but the phone has been disconnected. He tries her parents, but they're currently being attacked by intruders.

Back on the plane, an Air Marshall makes Sean stand down, but then they hear a gunshot come from inside the cockpit.

Next, we're introduced to President Blair Underwood. He's meeting with advisors, who are urging him not to close "the facility," not to let "them" out. In flashback, we see they're talking about 97 prisoners in a CIA-controlled program. President Underwood wants to meet the detainees, and so they take a trip to an Alaskan prison. The leader of the detainees is That Crippled Chick From ER, but we'll call her Sophia. Back to present day, the President and Sophia are readying a press conference when they're disrupted by a plane falling from the sky, heading right for them.

Back on the plane, Sean's GF's father is the plane's pilot, and he has been forced against his will to kill the co-pilot and fly the plane into the President's Miami compound. Just as it's about to hit the ground, the plane is swallowed up in the sky by some kind of electromagnetic wormhole. New security measures or something?

Sophia says to the President, "They saved us." "Who?" "I haven't told you everything."

Well, dammit, you haven't told me everything either!!

OK, this thing shows promise. Don't screw it up.

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