26 September 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Make a high-fashion look for a L'Oreal ad. Hi to Collier Strong, my favorite burn victim.

I effing hate Gretchen. She pitches a passive-aggressive fit about Michael having the same color fabric. Eff off. I also effing hate Valerie's big hairy mole. Because I watch this online, I was never quite sure if it was a smudge on her arm or what. Thank god I don't watch the show in HD. There was a closeup in this episode that made me wanna puke.

The designers get 2 days to work on their looks, which seems great until Tim Gunn comes in with an additional challenge: Create a second ready-to-wear companion piece. Oy. At this point, Mondo's already lost 12 hours working on an awesome-looking bustier that is too big for his model. Not to be outdone, Valerie loses a day and a half of work when she realizes she wasted time making stuff she won't use. She breaks down in the bathroom, making an ass of herself while saying she doesn't want to make an ass of herself.

I love all the guys that are left, and if it weren't for Mondo this show would be hella dull instead of plain boring.

April's looks were really great, but all-black -- enough with the all-black already!

Mondo's high-fashion look is typical crazy Mondo, and his RTW is gorgeous.

Ivy's blue mess is bizarre and the RTW doesn't look fitted correctly. Boo.

Michael has a dress with a humongous train and then a cute short dress to match.

Christopher's dress is kinda bizarre and looks a bit like it's wrapped in toilet paper, but his RTW is great.

Gretchen made a godawful old woman's outfit. Seriously, they ragged on Casanova for that, they should definitely rag on her. And I'm not even sure what her RTW had in common with it, other than flowiness.

Valerie's white dress and her RTW look were both boring as hell. They were sad and dull looking.

Andy was out of control with his pleating - it was definitely a crazy, high-fashion look, but the RTW was lovely.

Christopher and April are safe; Gretchen, Andy, and Mondo are in the top. Ugh, Gretchen!? With those feathers? Look at this thing!

Michael Kors called Ivy's looks "bridesmaids under the sea." Yep, they were gross and overly-literal with her damn ocean inspiration. Valerie was hammered for being boring. Michael is in the bottom because his proportions were off, but they said at least it was well-constructed, so hopefully he's safe.

Winner: Mondo. Yay Mondo! He really rules! I hope it's all guys in the finale.

Bye-bye: Ivy. Yeah, she definitely deserved that. Ugh, that blue ocean crap makes me wanna puke.

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Kim said...

Yeah this season sucks. I hate how the episodes are an hour and a half too. That's overkill. YOU DONT WATCH IT ON TV?! Seriously you have to see the close-ups of Valerie's mole. It has a clump of about six inches of hair coming out of it. It's awesome.