24 September 2010

Fringe IS BACK!

I heard they're going to alternate episodes for a while between the Universes. Tonight we get The Other Universe, complete with red credits and the "Manhatan" setting. Our Olivia is being questioned by a doctor, who thinks she's crazy for believing she's from another universe. Walternate and the alternate version of that cool, geeky guy from Massive Dynamic are performing procedures on Olivia, trying to transfer Faux-livia's memories to her. They've even given her Faux-livia's back-of-the-neck tattoo. Walternate thinks Olivia's ability to move between Universes will be helpful in their war.

Olivia busts out during one of the procedures (of course she does, she kicks ass). I haven't watched that new show Chase yet, but it kind of pisses me off how much the lead character looks like Olivia, like they're trying to copy her kickassery. It's a pale imitation, I'm sure.

She escapes into a cab driven by Henry, played by the amazing Andre Royo from The Wire. Oh hells yes. Henry's basically how I hope Bubbs turned out after The Wire ended. She goes back to the Opera House, hoping to return home, but it's quarantined and sealed off - filled with amber like some of the other places we've seen.

The bad part about this Universe - it's Peter-less. The good part? Charlie's alive! Charlie and Buff Broyles and the other partner, who has been burned to a crisp but is recovering thanks to the advanced medicine. It means he looks like Freddy Krueger, so it's kind of gross.

Agent Freddy catches up to Olivia, but she awesomely shoots her way out - because she has Faux-livia's Olympic-gold-medal-winning marksman abilities. She next tries the address of Massive Dynamic, but it's just a playground over here. Next stop: "Walter's safehouse" in Tarrytown.

But the house turns out to be another planted memory -- it's actually Faux-livia's childhood home, and Olivia's reunited with her not-dead mother. Charlie finds her there, and at this point she's completely converted to Faux-livia (due to the adrenaline activating whatever she was injected with). Henry is still there, keeping an eye on Olivia, following her and Charlie, clearly convinced something's up.

At the very end, we hop back over to Our Universe. YAY PETER! He's giving a statement about what happened with Walternate. Oh and he and Faux-livia are fully macking on each other now.

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Oreos, eaten while he waits for Peter. He removes the top, natch.

Cool Detail from The Other Universe: DAILY FLIGHTS TO THE MOON????? AWESOME! Also, the phones are essentially earcuffs and people ride those olde-timey big-wheeled bicycles.

Fringe Code: AMBER.


JayBah said...

So we got chocolate milk, raspberry jam (on his tie) and bacon pudding. We're going with chocolate milk and raspberry jam since you can't buy bacon pudding anywhere (yes, we checked).

JayBah said...

Ooops, wrong post. I'll move it. =)

Did you catch that Oreo's were called Wallabies in the "other universe?".

Juju said...

OMG you're back!! :) And that's why I need you - totally didn't catch that about Oreos. Clearly I need to pay more attention! Guess I was distracted at the awesomeness of having Walter back! :)