04 October 2010

Project Runway

The designers arrive in the workroom to find their childhood pictures. Challenge: Design your own fabric for your look. I loved this challenge last time - when they got to create their own textiles - very cool. The textile has to be personal and somehow based on their life; the design can be anything.

April, naturally, has a dark take on this challenge, and draws something based on her parents' divorce. Mondo designs something with a plus sign... because of his HIV-positive status. Nooooo! Mondooooo! He's been positive for 10 years, so I'm just going to pray he has a Magic Johnson-type immune system. Oy, I was warned not to watch this while on an airplane. This is going to be a tearjerker. I'm just going to assume that their parents will be joining them later, and that Mondo tells his mom his status. And I'm considering jumping out of the emergency exit right now.

Sure enough, Tim ushers in this week's special guests -- their mothers. Oy. Even Gretchen's mom got to come, and she is apparently dirt poor and never leaves the house because of a crippled husband. Good lord, people, are you trying to KILL ME? Oh wait, now Michael's son comes in. Come on!

Finally things get hot when Christopher's partner JJ arrives. Thank god - I'll just concentrate on that. Everyone gets the day off to hang out, and there's lots of venting to mothers, but Mondo still can't tell his mom about his status. Can I see Christopher and his partner back at the apartment, please?

Design-wise there was a lot of crap, after everyone got distracted and forgot how to design. April's look was pretty good - typical, emo April. The print was good, but the bottom of the dress was a bit of a scrappy mess. I liked Andy's print, even though the outfit was gross. Mondo's pants were amazing and really showcased the print. I did NOT like Valerie's dress, and I didn't think it showcased the print at all. Same with Gretchen's pants, and the print placement on the shirt sucked. Michael's dress was OK, and I liked Chistopher's look, but it seems like something the judges would knock for being old or too plain.

The judges say a lot of "safe" and "boring" and "this isn't fashion" and they think Valerie's was too similar to her prior napkin dress. Good point. Really it's only Mondo who's perfect here. He was asked about the inspiration for the print, of course, and finally announces his HIV status on the runway. Michael cries first. Of course he does. Michael is a big softie. Mondo smiles after the revelation, and feels good, and how can he not win at this point? He doesn't just have the best story, he has the best outfit BY FAR.

Mondo. Duh. Is that 3 in a row now? He has to win this whole thing, he just has to.

Bye-bye: Valerie. I'm fine with that -- she was always not-quite-good-enough. But Andy's outfit was pretty bad too. Hopefully it really was just because of the distraction, and he can get it together.

Things got a bit weepy for me as Valerie said some lovely good-byes to everyone. But then she hugged Mondo and that huge hairy mole was on display. Moment: gone.

Next week we get bitchiness and accusations of cheating!? Yes please - bring back the bitchy!


Kim said...

Did you actually shed a tear?!

Juju said...

No tears came out of my eyes. But I swear they were there for a minute.