12 October 2010

The Event

Sean and the Female FBI Agent drive off, chased by the Phony FBI Agent. She shoots the phony dude in the neck as they drive. Booyah! Female FBI Agent wants revenge for all her dead buddies, so she wants to work with Sean to find that Kidnapping Bitch, Vicky. Guess what my main problem with this show is? I don't like Sean. He's a boring, whiny thing with awful facial hair. So I really don't care what happens to him. Or his girlfriend, who is currently tied up in a basement somewhere. Lucky for her, D.B. Sweeney drops a bottle on the floor and leaves some glass shards behind. Well, duh, wonder what she'll do with those?

The now-living, once-dead passengers of the flight are being questioned, but can't remember anything about the flight. The pilot remembers that the chick who threatened to kill his daughter - and forced him to fly the plane - was named Vicky.

The President gets a call from someone claiming to be responsible for pulling the plane from the sky. He wants all of the aliens released, or this time people will die. Vague threat is vague. So the President questions Sophia, telling her that he knows she killed one of her own that had planned to talk. Sophia tells him that the alien responsible is Thomas - a charismatic, intelligent, impulsive leader. She's all, You better do what he says.

That Annoying Prick Sean hacks into the National Intelligence Database to search for Kidnapping Bitch's aliases. They make some kind of leap that leads them to think she's in a house nearby. As they head for the door, this is clearly a Silence of the Lambs-style fakeout, but I appreciate the show for trying. Not. Sure enough, they've got the wrong house. Kidnapping Bitch isn't there, but her mother and son are. Jesus, but this show is full of plot contrivances. Good thing that kid was there, unsupervised, and good thing Sean was wandering around the house and ran into him, and good thing Sean had a picture of Vicky to show to the kid. They confront Vicky's mother and she gives them a phone number for Vicky.

Now we're back with the formerly-dead passengers, and they're all having nosebleeds. Well, that can't be good.

Just as she's about to be executed, Leila fights back, shoots at Vicky, and escapes. She finds a cop, who takes her to the local po-dunk station. It turns out that the kidnappers had set up her escape. They wanted her to call Sean, which she did. She had to leave him a message, though, because his cell phone battery is dead.

Tonight's flashbacks are of Sniveling Idiot Sean having Thanksgiving with Leila and her parents. They went a little something like this: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

So what the hell do I do with this show? I don't care about any of the characters, and I find most of them annoying. Plus, when the show ended tonight I didn't realize it was actually the end and I was all, "That's it?" So I'm thinking that means I'm done with it.

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Cesc Fabregas said...

DVR'd the first four episodes....watched zero minutes....deleted

Has this been the worst season for new shows? Hawaii five-0 is the #1 new series!!!