10 October 2010

Project Runway: Finally a BITCHY Episode

Challenge: Design activewear for Heidi's line. Yuck -- boring. Her line is super boring, it doesn't allow for full creativity, and the designers all hate the challenge. So at least it's funny to watch them get frustrated and hate their lives!

Mondo gets really bitchy with Heidi when she criticizes his work-in-progress. It's AMAZING! They are bitchy as hell! LOVE IT! He wasn't rude - he had every right. She just came in and sarcastically cut up everything he was doing. Eff her. Team Mondo! She's fabulously bitchy with Gretchen too. Team Heidi!

Then, after that crappy Work Room Visit and the crappy Boring Challenge, Heidi demands 2 additional looks. Eff you, Heidi. Your activewear line sucks and it sucks that someone has to go home for this crappy, narcissistic challenge.

Ousted designers are sent in to help. Oh, how I missed Casanova. He busts on Michael's color scheme - saying it looks like pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving. He's 100% right.

Ivy, a bitch who never lets things go, accuses Michael of cheating. Not on this challenge, mind you - on a previous one. She says his Jackie O Challenge dress was taped together, and accuses him of sabotaging everyone else as a result. Step off, bitch! Ivy and Michael go back and forth and she's a humongous bitch. Bitter much? Team Michael!

It gets to the point where Tim comes in and is all, "There's an accusation of cheating?" And Ivy, of course, rambles on and on about The Case of the Double Stick Tape. Tim's like, "Too late, bitch. Too bad, too sad. The cameras and producers would have caught it. Go die." I could be paraphrasing. I still don't even get how that would be cheating. People have been hot glueing stuff on this show for centuries.

On the runway, Gretchen's stuff bored me and some of it was gross, Andy's was cool - he made great use of a stripey pattern, April's was alright, Christopher's were pretty basic pieces, Michael's were over-styled and looked like Thanksgiving, and then Mondo's collection came down last and was amazing. It was definitely the best in terms of following the challenge but still being different and fashionable. Yay Mondo! Don't let that bitch keep you down!

Christopher, Gretchen, and Michael are in the bottom. I didn't think Christopher belonged there - I liked his pants and I would have put April there instead because of that one shorts outfit. But the judges convinced me when they picked apart his construction and proportion. On closer inspection, Gretchen had Christopher's weird proportion problem, and Michael's color and over-styling problem, plus her stuff was ugly.

Winner: Andy. All 3 of his pieces will be produced for Heidi's lame-ass line. I hope they outsell her pieces.

Bye-bye: Christopher. NO GODDAMMIT! I hate when someone I like goes home for a crappy challenge. At least Heidi got in a nice parting shot with Gretchen when she was safe: "Constructive criticism is not your enemy." I love that Heidi had to get in the last word. What a bitch!

Thanks for finally coming through with some bitchy drama, show!!

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