30 October 2010

Project Runway Finale: Finale

I didn't watch the finale live, so I did my best to avoid spoilers. Unfortunately, I saw the headline "The Surprising Winner of Project Runway" on my Google Reader, which can only mean Mondo ain't it. GODDAMMIT! Just please don't let it be Gretchen. Please.

First up, the Final 3 are called into a reunion with the rest of the designers. The reunion is dull and expected, but mercifully short. Gretchen cries over being called a bitch. Bitch.

Gretchen's collection is called "Running Through Thunder". Pretentious bitch. I like the breezy brown dress, and the one pants outfit was cool.

The rest I could do without. She sent a couple diapers down the runway. And did the whole thing have to be so brown? Dirty hippie.

Andy's up next, and his stuff is all silver, but really good, and seems wearable. I love the one-shouldered silver fringe dress, and the green one too. His fabrics were very cool.

Now for Mondo. Call me biased, I freaking loved his stuff. Those leggings were awesome, even if they were paired with a bedazzled tee shirt. And the poofy dress? Love! And, of course, that long polka dot dress that I DIE FOR! The model looks SO GOOD in that.

So I don't get it, goddammit, I don't get how Mondo can't win. Eff you, show.

Guest judge Jessica Simpson says she hopes to wear some of the designs on the red carpet some day. Aw, how sweet -- and optimistic. That would mean 1) she'd have to drop 30-35 pounds and 2) she'd have to be invited to a red carpet event. Keep the dream alive, girlfriend!

Their main beef with Mondo was that a lot looked teenage-y. Well, I guess that explains why I loved it. I'm a 14-year-old at heart. The judges debated more than I ever remember them debating a finale before. The claws are out because they're so split. They take Andy out of the competition first. GODDAMMIT!!! NOT GRETCHEN!!!! Heidi and Jessica go with Mondo, and those old bitches Nina and Michael go with Gretchen. They claim her designs are where fashion's going next. Eff you, fashion!

Winner: Gretchen. I bet they just gave it to her because she's poor. Hippie. I remember that I liked her in the beginning. But much like Hitler, her personality overtook it all and she became a bad person in my eyes. I hope that her ex-husband tries to get half of the money.


Kim said...

this show suxxxxxx

Christina said...

Damn you Gretchen! Mondo should have won! I think she should have named her collection "Rolling in dirt". I'm kinda pissed they immediately dismissed Andy. He had better pieces than horse-faced Gretchen.