25 October 2010

The Challenge: Cutthroat

Drunk Cougar Paula makes out with Emily in the hot tub. Oh hey, Emily's on this show.

Some chick named Laurel, who is classy enough to mix her OJ and vodka in her mouth, starts harassing Big Easy for some reason. She's pretty awful to him, calling him fat and ugly. Which he is (plus he's a ginger), but it takes some balls to say it to his face. Balls and vodka. Eric cries about it, because it makes him "upset as a person." Wow, that's real real.

That's OK, because in the challenge, which involves jumping over things from a height over the water, Laurel gets pwned and falls in. Ha bitch! Meanwhile, Shauvon is having a panic attack because she nearly popped an implant doing something similar in the last Challenge. She refuses to do it, and her team gets disqualified.

Katie takes an amazing spill - slamming her face and hilariously flip-falling into the water, getting a black eye in the process. Meanwhile, guess what - Eric's fat ass was able to complete the challenge while Laurel couldn't. Still, his team doesn't win.

Gulag: Eric (his shirt actually says Big Easy) v. Vinny and Katie v. Shauvon.

Before The Gulag, everyone gets drunk (crazy, right?) and starts randomly fighting amongst themselves. Shauvon v. Johnny, Katie v. Emily, Katie v. Ty, Katie v. Johnny. If that wasn't enough, The Gulag is postponed due to weather, which means it's time to get drunk AGAIN. Some random local starts fighting Johnny, giving him the second black eye of the episode.

Eric proves that bitch Laurel wrong by winning The Gulag against Meathead Vinny. I don't know who this asshole Vinny is, but he's definitely an asshole. He gets pissy about getting voted in, then throws a fit when he loses to Eric, stomping off. Dumbass baby.

Shauvon decides she's not going to compete, and of course TJ expresses his disappointment in a quitter. How is TJ doing anyway?

Bye-bye: Vinny (glad I didn't know you) and Shauvon.

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Kim said...

You missed a lot of these newbies on the last Fresh Meat challenge. Rookie mistake. I didn't know you were blogging/watching the show! Damn HP computer piece of shit.