18 October 2010

The Event

Oy vey. They gave The Event a full season pickup. Guess I'll watch it. It's not like I have anything else to do.

The zombie passengers are still bleeding from the nose and some of them are freaking the eff out. Thomas calls the President to tell him he has the antidote to save the passengers... if the President releases Sophia and the rest of the aliens from their Alaskan prison. Thomas's voice freaks me out. It sounds really familiar, but I can't place it. Maybe he sounds like Ghostface from Scream? He has a similar cadence. I don't know.

At any rate, we don't negotiate with terrorists. Or do we? Yes, we do, because eventually the President tells Thomas that if he doesn't give them the antidote he's going to execute Sophia and the aliens. Oh snap!!! You just got served!!! This President has some balls. Now I like him.

When his Security Dude tells him how it's gonna be hella easy to kill everyone - they just have to seal off the living quarters and pump in some carbon monoxide - he seems to start to back down, but nope - he's all in. Do it.

Alien Asian Hottie tells Sophia what's about to happen - seriously, do these people just fly to Alaska on a whim??? Do they have a transporter???? - so Sophia's all, "Order Thomas to give them the antidote." AAH zips back down to the Continental U.S., but Thomas isn't having it. He doesn't take orders from that C up in Alaska!

Or does he? Because Thomas calls the President: "I'll give you the antidote if you just release Sophia." Wow, we are quite literally negotiating here. He tells the President to put Sophia on the Metro at the Farragut North station. Oh hells yes!!! That's my station!!!! (I'm suddenly paying attention to this show, because I love random things like that.) Sure, once they go into the Metro, it's hella phony, but they did still have the Red Line going to Glenmont, which is accurate.

That Annoying Prick Sean recharges his phone and gets Leila's message. He calls her at the police station, but of course his cell phone starts to go out. Then Leila notices the screensaver picture slideshow on the cop's computer - starring the real cop and his family. She also sees a spot of blood on the floor, so that smart cookie knows exactly what's happening. She tries to escape, but can't get out. Aaaaand now she's back to being locked up.

Sean, His Horrible Facial Hair, and the Female FBI Agent drive up to the station, where of course Vicky and DB Sweeney are hiding. In the meantime, he has a convenient friend conveniently trace Vicky's cell phone, which he's conveniently tracked to their exact location. Sean texts Vicky a picture of her son. So she calls him back and he's all, "I'm gonna put your kid's picture and address all over the internet unless you let me get Leila." Perv.

That weird threat works, because when Sean walks into the station, Vicky fires on everyone else and lets Sean get away with Leila (and an injured DB Sweeney, just for kicks).

Tonight's Flashbacks: Thomas and the Alien Asian Hottie leave the crash site back in the 1940's. Thomas worked on the Manhattan Project and helped speed up the process of developing the nuclear bomb. Also, Vicky got her son when she assassinated everyone in the house the baby lived in, and then decided to keep it. Interesting. Not.

You know what this show would be better without? 1. Flashbacks. 2. Sean.

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