25 October 2010

The Event

Sophia follows Thomas's instructions on the Metro, but the government is tracking her through some isotope they put in her food. Alien Asian Hottie gets word of this and ingeniously puts that same isotope into the creamer at a coffee shop, so now the government doesn't know which one to track. What's not so ingenious about that plan is that there's a limited number of people who have access to the isotope.

Someone is sent out to test Alien Asian Hottie and his men to see who stole the isotope (it would still give off radiation). In order to avoid the test, Alien Asian Hottie smacks the dude upside the head with his radiation-testing-briefcase and throws him in the trunk of a car. Pwned.

The government finds Sophia on a street camera and tracks her to a warehouse where she meets up with Thomas. AAH shows up too and is all, "Thomas, they're right outside, they're coming" to which Thomas is all, "It's cool, don't worry." The ground starts to shake. Thomas and Sophia escape down some hatch in the floor, but AAH stays behind to help a fallen FBI agent. The ground opens up, a bright light coming through, but AAH gets his man out. He's not as lucky, as the building crumbles down on top of him.

That Annoying Prick Sean and his dumb girlfriend haven't showered yet. Gross. That would be Priority #1 for me after a rescue. He breaks the news to Leila that her mom was killed and her sister's missing. Too bad this chick isn't a good enough actress to adequately portray "anguish" or "shock".

Leila decides she needs to find out the truth about why her dad would be involved in the whole mess, so Sean drives her to her parents' house. Wait - were they in the same state? Why does this show insist on quickly transporting people places with absolutely zero transition!? I hate it!

After digging around in the attic, they find a convenient file folder full of maps and articles about the old crash in Alaska. Some bitch shows up just as they're flipping through it, with a gun, telling them to put it down. Who the hell is this bitch? She's a journalist who tried to expose the Alien Alaska Conspiracy. And she sounds hella nuts and is annoying as hell.

Tonight's flashbacks feature Alien Asian Hottie in the 1950s, in swim trunks, with a girl he loves, until he's taken away by Thomas and called into service. He predictably meets up with that chick years later, when she's old and "senile". All I know is, Alien Asian Hottie had better not be dead or what the hell was the point to this show anyway? (From the previews, he's not dead, so that's awesome. Now if only we could get rid of Sean and Leila.)

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