31 October 2010

The Challenge: Cutthroat

Luke is in love with Camila. Wait, I thought he was gay. Oops.

Paula, proving herself to be the grossest person on a show full of losers, has a humongous, cancerous scab on her chin. Nasty scab-picker.

The challenge is a Bottleneck Stampede that means loads of thrown elbows, squeezing into tight spaces, and hurt feelings.

The rest of the show is boring, with Brad playing Inner Thigh Police and trying to keep Camila from getting too close to Johnny, lest he influence her to sabotage the team. Snooze.

Gulag: Katie v. Ayiia and her busted teeth and Eric v. Luke. It's essentially a slap fight. The contestants are chained to a table by their necks and then swat each other in the faces with flyswatters. Jesus Christ, this is brutal and pointless. Awesome. But at some point, once they clearly could do the slapping thing for hours, endurance is thrown in and they have to keep a bucket up in the air with their opposite arm. Now there's something I'd lose within 3 minutes.

Bye-bye: Ayiia (seriously, where are the consonants?) and Eric.

1 comment:

Kim said...

You are missing an "i" in Ayiiia. I wish I were kidding.
And let's be honest, you'd last 28 seconds.