17 October 2010

Project Runway

Challenge: Design a look inspired by NYC. So we're back to being vague.

Michael chooses the Statue of Liberty, April and Mondo choose the Brooklyn Bridge, Andy does Central Park, and Gretchen picks the Lower East Side because she's a dirty hippie.

Why has it taken so long for Gretchen's underbite to bother me? I guess I've always known something was off about her, but just figured out what it was. It actually hurts my jaw to look at her now.

Mondo takes a nap during the challenge, but let's be real, people - he's HIV positive. Let the man with the weakened immune system nap when he needs to nap, OK?

OMG Michael does a killer Michael Kors impression!!! It's seriously amazing and freaky!

Michael's dress is gorgeous, but is it too simple? April and Andy's looks were good, but very typical of their work. Not just typical, but identical to stuff we've seen before. I guess Mondo's was typical Mondo too, but his style is just awesome so I forgive that. I liked the pattern of the fabric of Gretchen's skirt, but it's all pretty boring and blah.

The judges hammered Gretchen for falling off (she's tired, y'all!) and April for making the same damn dress over and over. They really liked Michael's so I guess it wasn't so simple after all.

Bye-bye: April. Damn, I really thought they'd give her the spot in the finale just because she's so young and she could be the dark horse candidate. But she's too repetitive, and Gretchen will be bitchier. So now it's up to Mondo to kick Gretchen's ass!

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