24 October 2010

Project Runway Finale: Part 1

Home visitation time! I'm excited to see how poor Gretchen is - is that wrong?

Tim visits Andy in Hawaii, where we learn he's afraid of fish and loves Asian men. That Tim Gunn and I have a LOT in common. Andy's collection is inspired by Laos, made with textiles and metals from Laos. Sounds cool, but he has a lot of work to do.

Michael lives in Palm Springs with his partner, Richard, and his inspirations are the sky and feathers. Of course Michael has 18 looks ready, cuz the boy loves to over-prepare and change his mind 100 times.

Mondo's got a lot of great Mondo stuff, but Tim's a bit worried about some of it looking like teenage pajamas. There's a nice awkward dinner with the parents who disapprove of his gay lifestyle. Asshole parents. But Mondo's BF is waaaaay cute! YUM!

Now we're in the heart of poverty, Portland, Oregon. I'm disappointed that Gretchen appears to have hardwood floors and electricity, and doesn't live in a shack. Turns out her husband (she was married, right?) left her ass and now she's even broker than she used to whine about, if you can believe it. Gretchen's mixing rural cultures in her looks, and there's a bunch of ugly-ass stuff.

Once they're back in NYC, Mondo and Andy are sporting some fierce new hairstyles. Love Andy's extensions!

Collection time! The designers show a 3-look mini collection, including a new look they had to make in 2 days.

I thought Gretchen's stuff looked awful and Mondo's looked amazing. Nope, I'm not biased at all. Goddamn, that polka dot dress was so cool! Loved it! Based on the looks they showed, I'd boot Gretchen, and be OK if Andy left, just because that bikini look was a dumb one to put in the mini-collection. Not a showstopper.

Nina nicely hammers Gretchen for being crunchy granola. Hey Nina, that's rude, she can't afford granola. She's poor.

Mondo's in, of course. Look at this dress!!!

Gretchen's in next. Boo. Andy's in too.

Bye-bye: Michael. That's OK, I won't dispute that he wasn't that great. But I feel badly for him. Sadface. I should say felt badly - because then he had a hilarious crazy, melodramatic breakdown that ended up cracking me up. Your life will go on, Michael. Seriously. Tim talks him down like he's 2. Jackass.

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