14 October 2010


Peter and Faux-livia are on a date, and it seems like Faux-livia might be catching feelings. Turns out that becomes the theme of the episode - people from the Other Universe taking on the emotions of the people whose lives they've taken over.

A Senator gets hit by a car and is rushed to the hospital. His heart isn't beating but he's still breathing. Then suddenly Newton busts in to take the body. In the process of running from Broyles, he shoots the Senator in the eye. The Senator bleeds mercury. Dun-dun-duuuuunnnn. The Senator's a shapeshifter, and they need to figure out how long he's been such, since he's had all kinds of security clearance.

Walter's running Massive Dynamic, which for him involves giving a crazy-ass presentation that ends in him pulling his pants down because he's hot (and high on LSD). He takes a break when he's pulled away to examine the shapeshifter's body, which he does... through the eyeball. *puke* During the course of his examination, he "reactivates" the body. He brings the body back to the Massive Dynamic lab to try to recover the thing's data source, its brain.

You know who I don't like? Sneaky-ass Faux-livia. Newton keeps calling her, and they'd better watch it or they're gonna get caught. Idiots. She tells him where he can find the reactivated body. Newton enlists another shapeshifter (damn, are there tons of them just living among us!?) to collect the body.

Meanwhile, at Massive Dynamic, Walter's going to use the Faux-Senator's emotional connection to his wife to lure out memories. She talks to the Senator as if he's in a coma or something, and eventually he shows neural activity. Suddenly he jolts awake and starts reciting a list of hotels they were going to stay in on a trip. Well, that's not helpful.

The shapeshifter ends up in an elevator with Walter and for a minute there I thought he wanted to take over Walter's body. No no no no no this just can't happen. They fight and I love how clearly panicked Peter is when he realizes Walter's been attacked. Yay Peter still loves his Papa!

The shapeshifter gets the data disc out of the Faux Senator's spine, but doesn't kill Walter. He doesn't want to have to shift to another body, because he's ended up falling in love with his wife and kid. His repayment for that weakness? Newton shoots him in the head. That heartless, emotionless bastard.

Peter and Faux-livia chase Newton down, and of course Faux-livia swipes the data disc off of him before taking him into custody. Bitch. Newton's in prison, and ingests something that Faux-livia brings him. As Faux-livia and Peter get it on back at her place, Newton falls to the floor of his prison cell, leaking mercury from his ears. So was that like a cyanide pill for shapeshifters? Is this the end of Newton? Sad - I liked that Gordon Ramsay lookalike.

Walter's Line of the Night: "Don't eat my pudding."

Walter's Food Thing of the Week: Candy buttons, the little candies on rolls of paper. But Peter brings him Red Vines instead.

This Week's Code: SHIFT.

I hate to say it, but I might enjoy this show more when it's in the Other Universe. After last week's amazing episode this one seemed like a letdown. The Other Universe has Charlie and My Olivia and Pizza Face. But of course, it doesn't have Pacey and My Walter.......

Three weeks til the next one??? What? A break already? Bollocks!

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Brian said...

Love the blog, love fringe. Is it me or is it the best sci-fi in a long time?