17 October 2010

The Challenge: Cutthroat

This was my first time watching the opening credits and - guess what? - they suck. Like, I'd rather watch those offensive tribal ones than this nonsense of them just walking out of planes and limos. Beyond pointless and of no relevancy.

Abram's awesome because he perpetuates everyone's fears that the house is haunted by making up stories. He might be an idiot, but at least he knows the rest of them are idiots too.

I don't know who this crazy, Kristen Stewart-lookalike Laurel is, but she makes for a good angry drunk who likes to eff with people. I dig her.

I don't know if it's because there's so many people, or because the show knows I don't know half these people, but everyone has their names on the front of their shirts this year. Whatever the case, thank you for that. (Then, in the preview for next week, I see that their names are on their asses too. Perfect.)

Gulag: Cara Maria v. Mandi and Brandon v. JD.

Bye-bye: Mandi and JD. Well, boo to JD - I actually know who he is.

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Kim said...

Laurel has a mustache.