06 April 2011

The Event

When we last left Sophia, she and the remaining 1/3 of the aliens who weren't bombed into oblivion were traveling through their wormhole portal thing. They end up back in that Alien Cul de Sac, and the government blames the Washington Monument attack on Pakistani terrorists.

Sterling and President Underwood set Alien Asian Hottie up to be revealed as an alien. But AAH gets tipped off by an unknown caller that it's a setup. The mystery caller helps AAH escape the White House.

President Underwood enlists Senator Virginia Madsen to introduce a bill in Congress to get mandatory blood testing for every American so they can uncover other aliens. Damn, that's cold. She suggests having the CDC say there's an outbreak of drug-resistent TB and that every American needs to be tested for it. And they're going to start with a pilot program that tests people in the White House, so they can find any other possible moles. The First Lady refuses to comply, saying she has ethical issues with it. Time to suspect her! I'm sorry - why is the Senator leading this campaign? Is there no Health and Human Services Secretary?

Sophia talks to the remaining aliens and reveals her plans to bring the 2 billion (!) endangered aliens to Earth. Make some room, humans!

Just when I thought we were going to get a break from That Annoying Prick Sean, he's planning his big attack on Hal Holbrook in France. He releases That Chick from his Convenient Blackmail Computer Virus and says he's going to do this on his own -- but no, she's going to go with him. Wow, that's original. Whatever.

In the Land of 1000 Characters, Leila's bitching to her dad about something or other, and still no one seems to care about the little sister who's no longer with them. Screw her, even though Leila crossed the country 3 different times to find her. Alien Asian Hottie comes over and tells Leila's dad that he doesn't want any part of this human extinction plan, and wants Leila and her dad to go with him. Ugh - are you sure, sweetie? You want that dumb chick with you?

Time for a shootout at Hal Holbrook's French compound, where he is reading some ancient scroll from his French Archeological Dig. He explains to That Chick that he's a Sentinel who is here to protect "us" from "them" (points to sky). Sean, meanwhile, escapes the shootout and goes back to the hideout to deal with That Chick's pal, Frency McFrencherson, and make believe he's Jack Bauer, faux-torturing him because he set them up for an ambush and he wants to know where That Chick is being held. You, sir, are no Jack Bauer. Sean nearly pukes while whacking the dude with a hammer. PUSSY! His lame torture tactics work, however, and Frenchy gives up her location.

Leila's dad is as much of an asshole as his daughter is, and tells Sophia about Alien Asian Hottie's plan to run away. She's pissed and has him hauled off somewhere. Hey, wherever it is, it's got to be better than being on a roadtrip with Leila.

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