16 April 2011

Scream 4

The original Scream movie, I recently realized, is one of the films key to my development as a human being. I swear it was the first real scary movie I had seen, and I still love it. Every Halloween I watch horror movies, and either this past year or the year before it was a Scream marathon. The original is great, the 2nd is pretty damn close, the 3rd is a little ridiculous but still enjoyable. Scream 4 is really good, definitely better than the 3rd.

But it's really surreal to watch a movie where Sidney Prescott is the old one. I'm sorry, what? If she's the old one, then what does that make me? The movie was a bit been-there-done-that (it was a Scream movie through and through), but it's also been so long since we've seen a Scream movie that it felt outdated. If this movie had come out 7 or 8 years ago it might have made more sense. Now it just makes me feel old to be a fan of the franchise.

I enjoyed Scream 4 because it was good to see a Scream movie again, but it's not like it really changed things up much. Pretty standard kills and survivors - nothing terribly shocking. But I guess that's what makes it a Scream movie.

It's good, though really you should just rewatch the first one. Oh god I just had a horrible thought - they're going to remake it some day, aren't they? Probably some day soon.

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Kim said...

You are old.