22 April 2011


We start in the Other Universe, where the Peter Bishop Doomsday Machine is nearly ready. They're gonna run it off Peter's Baby's blood.

Our Universe: Sheep and locusts are acting strangely, and then there's a big rip in the sky. Sam Weiss is in his bowling alley (but why did Kevin Corrigan have to cut his crazy hair?) and knows something's wrong. Olivia wakes up in Peter's bed, only to be greeted by Walter wearing nothing but big, fuzzy slippers. (He always cooks breakfast naked on Tuesdays. Duh.)

The Team is summoned to the place where the sky ripped open - there's a big, black mark on the ground and the sheep and shepherds are gone. They determine that the Peter Bishop Doomsday Machine in Our Universe turned on at the same moment the vortex opened up. And more weird environmental/weather events are being reported as well - The Blight, like the Other Universe suffered.

Other Universe: Fringe Division picks up the energy coming off the Peter Bishop Doomsday Machine, and Fauxlivia asks Walternate if he has activated his weapon. She's worried about her Baby Daddy.

Our Universe: Peter thinks he'll be able to turn the machine off, just as he was able to power it up. Walter's worried he'll die - so worried that he drinks booze, nevermind the illegal drugs.

Olivia knows about the Other Universe's Early Warning system, so she works on a similar plan with Nina. Nina tells Olivia that Sam Weiss knows more about the machine, so Olivia sets off to find him. He's in a field, looking through to the Other Side and performing some ominous calculations.

Other Universe: Fauxlivia's baby is creepy as hell. He looks all waxy and fake. I don't like Other Universe Half Breeds!!! Fauxlivia leaves Lincoln with the kid and takes off to try to get Peter. I almost want her to die so we can have an Other Universe Sitcom where Lincoln and Charlie raise the kid together.

Our Universe: While Olivia tracks Sam, Walter and Peter work on their plan to have Peter essentially break the circuit in the Peter Bishop Doomsday Machine. Peter even gets a cool black Massive Dynamic jumpsuit to wear and everything! Walter, Broyles, and Astrid say their maybe-goodbyes and it's kind of breaking my heart a little. Go Brave Peter! He boards the machine like a goddamned astronaut, but as soon as he touches it, the electric current knocks him back, splitting open his face and throwing him to the ground.

They notify Olivia and she arrives to find Peter in a coma, though with no apparent brain trauma. Walter's in the chapel at the hospital, ready to break my heart some more. Sure enough, he's bargaining with god to forgive him and save Peter. Sam visits Olivia at the hospital, and now his haircut is growing on me. Yum. Sam Weiss is HOT.

Other Universe: Fauxlivia tries to force Brandon to cooperate at gunpoint, but she's unable to cross over when she tries. Now Walternate's got her locked in a cell. Can't have her interfering in his plans to destroy Our Universe.

This Week's Code: AGENT.

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