09 April 2011

Source Code

OK, that's more like it - a movie that lives up to my expectations. Source Code is Groundhog Day meets Inception. You've got Jake Gyllenhaal as part of an experiment where he travels back to re-live the final 8 minutes of a guy's life to try to solve who planted a bomb on the train that killed him, in order to prevent a second attack.

I liked it because it was a truly original science fiction film that was still small. No aliens or big space fights, you know? Just mind-bendy. There's definitely one glaring plothole that bothers me, but the movie as a whole requires suspension of disbelief, so I'll get over it. It's an enjoyable movie, and I like how the plots (both the one on the train and the one where Jake is discovering what he's a part of) unfolded. Smart, emotional, real sci-fi rules.

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