15 April 2011


Walter's working on getting Bell out of Olivia, trying to transfer him into the body of some brain-dead fat dude in a bathtub of ice. It doesn't work out.

Olivia starts seizing, and Bell explains that only one consciousness can survive. He gives Olivia about a day before she's gone forever, so Bell needs to find a new host. They're going to try for a computer. Bring out the LSD!

Peter gets to trip along with his dad and Bell, so that he can go inside Olivia's mind and find her. Yeah, I just said that. This show! It's almost like a Matrix kind of thing, where Peter and Walter are together in the city of Olivia's mind. Tragically, my FOX station botches the feed and I miss the first scene, but the city they're in is Alternate New York. Peter and Walter are chased by the projections in Olivia's mind, because ripping off Inception is so hot right now.

They head to Bell's office to find Olivia. Bell's inside - only he's a cartoon. I'm guessing because they couldn't get Leonard Nimoy in person. So now we're in an animated Fringe universe. It's weird, and Animated Peter is fat and cross-eyed. There's a reason this show isn't animated, goddammit, and I want it back.

They determine that Olivia must be hiding in a safe place, and Peter suggests Jacksonville. The animated gang is attacked by animated zombies as they get away. I can only imagine what people who are just now tuning into the show are thinking.

Back at the lab, Broyles is fascinated by licorice - because he accidentally touched the leftover LSD. So poor Astrid has to babysit him while he trips balls. Boyles is smiling and laughing - and that's possibly the strangest thing I've ever seen on this show.

While en route to Jacksonville in a zeppelin, someone else appears and kicks Walter out of it. Animated Walter falls to his death, waking up Real Walter in the lab.

Animated Peter and Bell go to Olivia's childhood home on the Jacksonville military base. Peter opens the door and turns back to normal (thank god) and Olivia's there. As a child. Which is kind of creepy when Peter takes her hand and leaves.

Broyles is blowing bubbles in the lab when everyone regains consciousness. The transfer to the computer apparently didn't work, and Bell is gone, for the second time. Bell knew that the computer transfer wouldn't work, but he did it anyway to save Olivia. 10 bucks says a computer randomly pops on some day and starts typing out messages from Bell.

So remember the random animated dude who appeared on the zeppelin and attacked Walter? Well, Olivia has drawn him on a piece of paper. Peter asks who he is, and she says she's never seen him before, but "he's the man who's going to kill me." Sure, why not?

Honestly, I could have done without the animation. The beauty of the freaking show is the actors and when you can't see their faces it just doesn't hold the same weight. But I'll allow it for the weirdness factor.

This Week's Code: FEARS.

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