07 August 2012

The Bourne Legacy

Look, kids, we all know I can't be objective here.  I've been eagerly awaiting The Bourne Legacy forever now and I have what is legally referred to as a "hard-on" for Jeremy Renner.  The man could do anything - especially with gun in hand - and I'd be happy.  So I'm happy with The Bourne Legacy (which I got to see at an early screening - the third one this summer courtesy of Ain't It Cool News). 

But I'm also not going to lie and say it was the most ~*~amazing~*~ movie ever.  It's not perfect.  For one, it takes far too long to get to the Rennery goodness.  I love Ed Norton.  But get off the screen already, Ed Norton.  The set-up takes far too long.  It's kind of odd how there are 2 different movies going on -- Ed Norton and the Top Secret Government People tracking Renner and then Renner out doing his stuff.  And they don't ever really feel connected.  So that sucks.  More Norton and Renner together please!

Another thing that probably taints (heh) my view on this movie a little - I've watched the trailer 1,471 times.  And it contains the whole movie.  So I felt like I'd seen all the action scenes, all the fights already.  But let me tell you -- the motorcycle chase through Manila?  Greatest thing ever put on film.  At least the greatest motorcycle chase ever.  Rachel Weisz is the bomb too, I always love her.  She has my blessing.

I am looking forward to seeing this movie with Mike so he can shoot holes in all of the science - chems, viruses, I doubt any of that made any sense.  But when my little man starts kicking ass, I don't really care.  The man is an athlete and I love him.

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