23 June 2010

SYTYCD: Performances

1. Cristina and Pasha - Paso Doble by Jean-Marc Généreux. She's a ballroom dancer - and Latina - so this should be fine. It was intense and cool, but I still just don't like her.

2. Adechike and Allison - Contemporary by Mandy Moore. It was fine, pretty standard. He's got such great technique, but something about him bugs me. The smile was really fake this week. I don't know, it was fine and boring.

3. Alex and Lauren - Broadway by Tyce. Alex is just amazing. And they were so perfectly in sync it was SCARY.

4. Ashley and Mark - Jazz by Travis. It was really cool and I love Mark. Ashley's pretty good considering I think of her as an underdog, meaning I don't think of her at all. The routine definitely seemed more Contemporary than Jazz. Even Nigel said so - it's not just me.

5. Billy and Comfort - Krump by Lil' C. Now THAT'S a combination. This is going to be crazy!! How is Billy Bell supposed to be hood??? If he can do this, he can do anything. And you know what? He did it. I mean, it was still Billy Bell, but it was the best he could do I think. He needed to pull that tongue in, but it was cool to see him do something pretty much the polar opposite of his style. The judges hammered him, but I think he gets an A for effort.

6. Robert and Anya - Argentine Tango by Jean-Marc Généreux. It was great. But Robert would be a lot hotter if he would just stop talking. More dancing, less talking.

7. Melinda and Ade - Contemporary by Stacey. The routine was lame. I mean, it was about environmentalism, which I think is the weirdest idea yet (and this show has had some weird themes). Meh, Melinda bores me AND annoys me. Die.

8. Jose and Kathryn - Bollywood by an Indian Dude. This could end up being really sweet or really awful. It ended up being in-between. Like, you could tell Jose worked hard. And sometimes he seemed stiff, like he was just trying to get the moves right, keeping an eye on Kathryn. It definitely wasn't perfect, but who doesn't love Jose?

9. Lauren and Dominic - Lyrical Hip Hop by a Fat Chick. It was a great routine and I love my little blond cheerleader Lauren. Fabulous!

10. Kent and Courtney - Jazz by Tyce. I was worried that Farm Boy was going to pop a boner on stage, he was all worked up into a frenzy about touching a girl. I definitely checked for a tent when he was done. The dancing was great, and Kent made me laugh tonight. I might be pulled into his farm boy charm.

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