13 June 2010

SYTYCD: Season 7 Starts

I did a massive catch-up of 5 hours of So You Think You Can Dance, because the audition part isn't my favorite part of this show. This season they made it even worse by doing awkward home visits and draaaaagging out the final selections.

We've only got a Top 11 this season because they're bringing back some all-stars to pair up with the new dancers. Then I guess we'll get 1 kicked off each week instead of 2, so the season will be the same length. It's like they're going for a Dancing With The Stars vibe, giving the contestants professional partners. And now a bad dancer won't bring their partner down with them. If you get sent home, you can't blame your partner - your partner is an all-star, MF'er.


Alex, my favorite super-gay Asian ballet dancer. Love.

Lauren, the cutesy blond chick. Love.

Robert and Ashley, who so far have been unremarkable and forgettable, but will probably surprise me.

Jose, who they're trying to get to be this season's Legacy, and I don't buy it. Yet. He's great in his b-boy style, but to be the next Legacy you really have to be awesome at everything.

Cristina, the salsa dancer who annoys me.

Adechike, who is amazing.

Melinda, the tapdancer with other talents -- one of which is annoying the piss out of me with her personality.

Billy, the dude from last season who left early because he "got sick." I, of course, assumed he had AIDS, because that's what I do.

Alexie, my Filipina princess. Love.

Kent, the small town boy who apparently wants us to think he's straight. Aw, how cute. Love.


There are 12 of them, so I guess they'll rotate them in based on the styles.

Allison. She's the only one I don't know, because I didn't start watching until Season 3.
Comfort. Was she all that versatile? I don't remember her that way. I guess she'd just do hip hop routines.
Dominic. Love love love.
Neil. You know what - I STILL fantasize about Neil being my gay boyfriend. LOVE NEIL!
Pasha. Oh great. Another season of Pasha making the sexy for us. Of course he took his shirt off. Barf.
Twitch - YAY!

I don't know how I feel about them messing with my SYTYCD formula, but I'll give it a shot. Hopefully it'll push the dancing to the next level.

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