24 June 2010

SYTYCD: Results

Cat's wearing a little black dress with a zipper that goes the whole way down the front diagonally. I want to unzip her. Let's see if all the girls end up at the bottom so American tweens can spend more time with their gay boyfriends! Speaking of which, Kent's going to make it to the Top 2, isn't he? Because he's wholesome, all-American, and makes girls scream for his twinkiness.

Kent and Adechike are safe right away and Cristina and her braces are in the Bottom 3.

Next, Alex and Jose are safe and Melinda and her large calves are in the Bottom 3.

Finally, Lauren is safe, and so we're guaranteed to get a guy in the Bottom 3 for once - and it's either Robert or Billy. It's Robert. Well, that's strange, considering he's HOT! Tweens don't want to date him? I do.

Cristina does her standard shimmying and Melinda does her standard tapping. Robert is 1000 times more versatile, made good use of the whole stage, and did I mention he's HOT?

Bye-bye: Cristina. No more braces. How sad. NOT.

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