24 June 2010

Top Chef: DC

Quickfire Challenge: Make sandwiches... with a partner... while you're joined together like Siamese Twins. (It was all a horrid bipartisan pun - they even called it a "bipartisandwich". Oh god, are they going to make with the government/political puns all season?) It's slightly dangerous, with all of the knives. I love sandwiches, and there were lots of good-looking ones. The Tanned Douchebag and the Fat Chick won, and they get immunity.

Elimination Challenge: Make a healthy school lunch for $2.60 per child. And do it in teams.

Andrea's team made some great-looking BBQ chicken, cole slaw, and mac and cheese. Want. The meal with the carnita tacos (with tortillas made from oatmeal!) looked good too. The other teams were a bit disastrous - like the one that kind of neglected vegetables, and the one that made chicken with sherry jus -- for kids. Sherry. Wine.

During Judges' Table there was a boatload of under-the-bus-throwing. The bottom two teams were even shit-talking each others' dishes. And The Tanned Douchebag made the crappiest, most pointless thing, but he's safe so who cares. It's my Smooth Brother No. 1 who's in trouble here!

Winner: The Pork Carnitas team, and Kelly specifically.

Bye-bye: Jacqueline, for her super-sugary banana pudding. Good. She sucks and so do bananas.

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