30 June 2010

SYTYCD: Performances

We have twice as many guys as girls, and it's so weird to see it so lopsided. How are they not supposed to kick off a guy this week? I hope all the guys are so good that they can't possibly be in the Bottom 3.

Cat's skin looks very pink and I think there's lipstick on her teeth. She's in Hot Mess mode tonight, with her crooked eyes being even wonkier than normal.

1. Adechike and Lauren - Hip Hop by Dave Scott. It was alright. I really love Lauren, I guess Adechike is kind of dull. It didn't really seem to showcase any great skill. His solo was quite amazing though.

2. Ashley and Ade - Contemporary by Some Dude. It was great, and mostly because Ade is such a fabulous, strong partner to have - always good at the lifts and the drops and things. They paired really nicely.

3. Robert and Courtney - Jazz by Sonya. He should be really good at Sonya stuff because he's so tall, strong, quirky, and HOT. It was a cool Sonya routine with cool Sonya music. It suited them well and they were great. More guyliner please!

4. Melinda and Pasha - Salsa by Some Dude. Oh great - my 2 least favorite dancers. Fun times for me. I thought it seemed sloppy and awkward at times, but then again I hate these people - am I going to like it? She got her dress caught on her heel at the beginning and fixed it really quickly and it didn't seem to trip her up. So there's some positivity! But really I just want Melinda to DIE. Mia called her pigeon-toed again and flat out said they made a mistake by not sending her home last week!!! AHAHAHAHAHA! MAJOR BURN!

5. Lauren and Neil - Broadway by Joey Dowling. They're both pretty so this should be good. Near the end, the strap on her dress totally popped and I eagerly anticipated some titty. It was hysterical - somehow it stayed up, even when she wasn't holding it in place. Lord, that was close. Oh yeah, the dancing was good too - she's the best girl, not that there's all that much competition.

6. Billy and Kathryn - Contemporary by Stacey Tookey. It was great, of course. There was a pretty cool lift where she essentially stood on his thighs while he was standing up. I agree with Nigel that Billy doesn't have the greatest partnering qualities though. It kind of seemed like 2 people dancing separately. Beautifully, but separately.

7. Jose and Anya - Samba by a Scumbag Russian. This could get awkward. Again, he's out of his element and it's not fabulous. Even I could tell his arm placement wasn't right and stuff. But he just tries so damn hard and is so adorable I love him - and the judges don't care either. He's not technically perfect, but he has the performance going for him. On a related note, I had to finally Google how old Anya is. I'm 7 years older than her, but I swear she looks 7 years older than me. Anya is a mystery. An old-ass mystery.

8. Kent and Allison - Jazz by Mandy Moore. They were a little mismatched because he's smaller and twiggier and seems so much younger. I just am continually annoyed by his aw-shucks thing. He makes me gag, he's too corny. Nigel hit the nail on the head when he said Kent was playing more to the audience than to his partner. Nicely done, Nigel. Hopefully the judges knocked him down a peg with the whole "quit the farmboy thing" thing.

9. Alex and Twitch - Hip Hop by Tabitha & Napoleon - SAME SEX HIP HOP! Of course they make us wait til the end for this epicness. It was amazing. Totally the perfect combination of choreography, song, and performance. Alex just EXPLODED. My mouth was hanging open. It was amazing. Plus there was Twitch!!! Loveloveloved it. Rewound it. Rewatched it. Twice. Loved it. Too much damn fun. The place went mad, the judges were up, the crowd was up, it was so fun to see. People were losing their minds - he's a ballet dancer, goddamn it!!

I love this show so much when it does this to me!!!!

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Lauren said...

I watched it again this morning! I can't get enough! It's going to be hard for him to top himself though.