21 June 2010

Top Chef: DC

So now I get to be jealous of both the food AND the locale. Plus I get the bonus of rooting for Andrea, who is Head Chef and Owner of Talula, a place I love in Miami! Nice.

The only other person who stands out to me is Smelly Dreadlocked Man. Oh wait - we also have the Tanned Douchebag and the Gay Indian Dude who prepared for the show by hiring a Wardrobe Stylist. Lord help us. There are loads of Smooth Brothers who I can't tell apart.

Quickfire Challenge: Mise en place tournament - peeling potatoes, dicing onions, breaking down chickens. Kenny (Smooth Brother No. 1) is insane, and finishes each leg first. Tanned Douchebag wins though, based on the last part of the tournament - making a dish with the ingredients.

Elimination Challenge: Create a dish that represents where you're from and serve it at a Cherry Blossom Festival reception. They compete in smaller groups - not as a team, but against the other people in your group. The Top 4 from the Quickfire get to pick the members of their group - picking the crappy chefs first, which leads to a bunch of hurt feelings and indignation.

Top 4: Two Smooth Brothers, the Bald Russian, and the Tanned Douchebag. And the Winner is Tanned Douchebag Angelo.

Bottom 4: Smelly Dreadlocked Man, Some Random, a Smooth Brother, and Dumb Bitch Who Serves Grainy Liver Mousse.

Bye-bye: Smelly Dreadlocked Man John. Well at least I don't have to get grossed out at the sight of him any more, wondering if a long gray hair is going to end up in someone's food.

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