09 May 2011

The Event

From one of the greatest shows to one of the worst. Hold me!

Michael's dead, so there's some good news. Too bad he didn't take Leila with him. Alien Asian Hottie is on the way to deliver the Poison Splenda Antidote to the Semi-President.

That Annoying Prick Sean and Vicky are on the road again, somehow, and trying to save the world from a Spanish Flu outbreak, tracking the GPS on the infected lungs. That's a ridiculous sentence, huh? They track the lungs to a mall, where the bad guys have also conveniently left behind blueprints of the mall's ventilation system. Oh noes! Sean runs to the roof of the Busiest. Mall. Ever. and has a lame shootout with the people loading the lungs into the HVAC system. It takes a while to get lungs properly loaded, OK?

Simon brings the antidote to Sterling, telling him that he's split from Sophia and wants to save the President. They head out to get with the First Lady, their only hope of getting to President Underwood. In the meantime, President Asshole tells the First Lady that Sterling and Simon are responsible for poisoning her husband. She tells him where they are.

That Annoying Prick Sean and Vicky find the lung-bomb, which has been set with a 3-minute timer. Because why disperse Spanish Flu now when you can wait 3 minutes to do it? Sean thinks he knows how to disarm a bomb, and he does so by shooting it. But wait - that's not really the lung bomb! Or at least not the whole thing. It was released on a bus so that the Aliens could continue their evaluation. They determine that the virus should first be released in a bridge species - a hybrid. Leila. Yes please! Release the virus in Leila!!! Now why does it have to be released in a hybrid? It seemed to do a pretty good job of killing people as-is. Oh who the hell knows. Funny how the kind of BS I'll accept on Fringe only irritates me with this show. It's all in the quality, people.

President Asshole orders the bombing of Sterling and Simon - no really! They don't call him President Asshole for nothing. It comes as no shock to anyone who watches The Event -- Sterling had gotten through to the First Lady earlier with a phone call and told her the real deal. So the location that she gave President Asshole isn't real - just an empty warehouse. And the First Lady gets the antidote to President Underwood. And President Asshole is now sweating his ass off. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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