09 May 2011


Season finale time! Hold me! I'm scared!

It's 2026 at Fringe Division. Future Olivia's in charge and her niece is a new agent. And Future Olivia and Future Peter are Future Married! I'm liking Future Peter's graying hair. Future Olivia can do telekinesis like it's blinking. She rules!

The opening credits are black! I was wondering what they'd do with those. Love it.

The terrorists who attacked the New World Trade Center blow up an opera house, claiming they are trying to accelerate The End of Days. Peter goes to see Walter to get some information on the bombs used. Future Walter is hairy and crazy-looking and locked up in prison for causing the Fringe events/destroying a universe.

Future Senator Broyles has a milky eye that makes me want to puke. Peter gets Walter cleaned up and temporarily released so he can do some investigating in his old, sadly-empty lab. When Walter and Olivia are reunited it's super sweet - he picks her up and swings her around.

The terrorists are working with Future Walternate - he's trying to get the 2 Universes to merge.

Peter and Olivia drink boxed wine and eat canned steak. Nevermind - the future sucks!

The day the Peter Bishop Doomsday Machine was triggered was the day the Other Universe was destroyed and a wormhole developed in Central Park. The terrorists head into the ambered-off wormhole area and Walternate leaves a clue for Peter to find him. Peter (and everyone else) knows that Walternate is in Our Universe - he came here to save his Universe and got stuck when the Other Universe was destroyed. Future Walternate is salty as hell.

But the Walternate Peter is talking to is a holographic projection. The real Walternate is too busy shooting Olivia straight through the forehead!!!!! Noooooo!

In the future, we give people Viking burials - light their coffins on fire and push them out into the river. Or at least that's how Olivia's funeral goes.

Walter continues his investigation and somehow figures out he can time travel. Or at least that he's the one who sent the Machine parts back to the past before. And this time Peter can go back in time and undo the last 15 years. My nose bleeds from the explanation, but I go with it, because this is Fringe.

We go back to the Present where Peter's still in the Machine. Then to the Other Universe, where their softspots are getting worse. Walternate wants Fauxlivia to help shut off the machine. Then to Our Universe. Then Peter merges the 2 universes. Like, the 2 Walters and 2 Olivias are standing in the same room!!! Is this permanent? Yes please!

Peter starts explaining that the Universes need to work together, that both teams need to work together to survive. And then he disappears. The Observers are outside, and say that no one remembers Peter, that to them he never existed. No!!!! No wantie permanent anymore!!!

This Week's Code: NO MORE. No - I do want more. That was crazy and cool and I can't wait to see what happens next season!!

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