08 May 2011


I really liked Thor, and the more I think about it, the more I liked it. Now I'll say that going in to the movie I was highly skeptical. The prospect of some Viking God wasn't appealing to me. I like my superheroes best when they're grounded in some realism, like with Batman and Iron Man. But Thor and Green Lantern are giving me some douchechills because of how alien they are. When something's set entirely in some strange world or outer space it freaks me out.

So anyway, I wasn't expecting to enjoy the movie as much as I did. But it works. Sure, the Viking Universe Whateverthehell scenes are kinda weird, but they pulled it off. When Thor's on Earth he's huge and built and hot if you go for that blond Nordic thing. His brother Loki was very cool too. I also was all WTF with the hammer, but it was awesome. I love how it's kind of magnetic. Cool. And the movie, as with all these Marvel films, doesn't take itself too seriously and winks at how crazy the stuff is.

The kicker? Hawkeye! I was so excited to see Jeremy Renner make his cameo. And it was a decent-sized one too. Hawkeye looks like a genuine military badass - and a smartass who gets a great line already. Can't wait for The Avengers!

Also? Serious Girl Crush on Kat Dennings. Serious.

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