22 July 2012

Breaking Bad

We open in an industrial kitchen in Germany where they're taste-testing different sauce formulations - honey mustard, "Franch" (French + Ranch), things like that.  We are, of course, at Madrigal Electromotive, home of lots of fast food chains.  Sadly, the Los Pollos Hermanos sign is coming down.  Police come to meet with the head guy, but he decides to electrocute himself in the bathroom rather than meet with them.

Jesse is hella bothered with thoughts of where that ricin cigarette went.  Walter makes a dummy ricin cigarette out of salt, stashes the real one behind a light-switch (OF COURSE HE DIDN'T FLUSH IT), and goes over to Jesse's house to help him search.  Walt plants the dummy cig in the Roomba.  Poor Jesse breaks down because he almost killed Walter over this thing.  Oh god, now Jesse can be even further tortured with unnecessary guilt.  NOOOOOOOOOOO!  Eff you, Walter, I will never forgive you for what you've done to this boy.

Mike's at home having an Ensure and a beer.  OMG I love him more every day.  Walt and Jesse come over to convince him to partner up and get back to cooking.  The market demands it.  Mike wants no part of it, so the boys are going to press on without him.

The Germans come to talk to the DEA.  Hank's boss is taking the fall for the screwup with Fring's investigation, and is soon to go into forced retirement.

Mike meets with a woman named Lydia in his diner, and the woman's very conspicuous in her desperation to remain inconspicuous.  And scared.  She wants to know who killed Gus, and gives Mike a list of 11 names of people who could do them both in regarding their connection to Gus.  Mike refuses to kill any of the guys, because he vetted them and he knows they won't say anything.  Besides, killing 11 guys would be a little obvious.

Mike comes down to the DEA to be interviewed by Hank and Gomez.  He officially worked Corporate Security for Los Pollos Hermanos.  We find out Mike was a cop in Philadelphia whose tenure as a cop ended dramatically.   And Mike answers all the questions in typical Mike fashion.  The DEA found an account with $2 million in the name of Mike's granddaughter.  They want Mike to turn on everyone else in the operation.  Guess how that works out.  Mike pleads ignorance, but you can see he's pissed.

Jesse and Walter meet with Saul to make their business plans.  Walter rules out RVs and refuses to do a pseudo cook when Jesse can't find methylamine.  Saul wants them to quit while they're ahead, but of course Walter's not ahead anymore.  He still needs the cash.

One of Mike's 11 guys, Chow, calls Mike and says he's ready to flip because he needs money and needs to meet.  He says this because another guy named Chris has a gun to his head.  Mike goes to the house.  Mike's not stupid.  He gets the drop on the guy.  Chris was being paid by Lydia to knock everyone off, and got Chow.  Mike kills Chris, and seems sad that his guys aren't as strong as he thought they'd be under pressure.

Mike heads to Lydia's large, impressive house and holds a gun to her head.  But he doesn't kill her -- he wants to know if she can still get her hands on methylamine.  Maybe.  Mike calls Walter and tells him he's in.

Back at the White House, Skyler just lies in bed all day, depressed and scared I suppose.  Walter is creepy as hell trying to assure her that it gets better and since they're doing it for family, they're in the right, and everything will be awesome.


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Kim said...

Walter is CREEEEEPY just like my husband.