29 July 2012

Breaking Bad

Every week, I watch the previous week's episode before the new one.  And let me just say -- Jonathan Banks is the effing man.  He owned last week.  Mike rules, he rules, I love him so much.  Don't die.

Mike visits the laundry manager in prison.  He's undercover as a "paralegal" for the guy's attorney.  Mike cleans up well, looks good in a suit.  They visit everyone else who was on the list; Mike's planning to take some of his cut to pay these guys to shut up.

Saul's not happy about a fourth amigo being allowed in to their operation.  Mike's threatened him in the past.  Walter: "He probably threatened somebody before breakfast this morning.  It's what he does."  Saul has found them a box factory to work in, but Walter deems it too humid.  So let's try a tortilla factory.  Nope - unannounced government inspections in the food industry.  Laser tag is out too.  Pest control warehouse?  Nope, but it gives Walter an idea.

They're going to work out of the houses that are shut down and tented while undergoing a fumigation.  Brilliant!  Going mobile!  And the pest control team they're working with are good people -- burglars.

Skinny Pete is a master pianist (!) and he and Badger are shopping in a music store -- for roadie boxes.  What better to use to transport a mobile meth lab?  The boys want in on the business with Jesse, but Disapproving Grandpa Mike ain't gonna have that.  Mike breaks the rules down to the pest control crew (Vamonos Pest) in hilarious fashion - no stealing from the houses, call Walter and Jesse "Yes sir and no sir," and if they tell you to jump, DO IT.

I need a Vamonos Pest jumpsuit and I need one IMMEDIATELY!!!!!  Jesse and Walter wear them well, and get to work on their first cook, done in cramped quarters, much more like the RV - a tented room within the tented house.  But during their downtime they get to enjoy some beers and Three Stooges on the family's couch.  And some unsolicited advice from Walter to Jesse -- maybe he should tell Andrea everything, because honesty is the best policy.  What's he up to?

Skyler loses it at Marie - seriously, shouts, "Shut up!" about 47 times at her - so now Marie's wondering what's going on with the Whites.  Walter explains it away as Skyler being freaked out about Ted's accident, making sure to let Marie know that Skyler was having an affair with Ted.  Walter is a master manipulator with everyone, cuz now Marie feels bad for him.  "I don't want you to think less of her."  What a jackass.

After paying everyone involved in the business, the guys net $137,000 each.  Of course that's not enough for Walter - he has to nitpick over what Mike pays the mules who transport the drugs, and he doesn't want to contribute to the cost of paying off Gus's guys to keep them happy.  He's making less than he did when he worked for Gus.  His greed isn't going to end in good things.

Jesse broke up with Andrea - so that's what Walter was going for, guilting him out of the relationship.  That's great.  The one thing going right in Jesse's life was her and that kid.  Then Walter throws in a dig about Victor maybe getting his throat cut because he "flew too close to the sun" -- which I took as a subtle threat to Jesse, not to mention an uber-passive-aggressive threat behind Mike's back.  Know your place, kid.  Screw you, Walter, as always.

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