02 July 2012

So You Think You Can Dance

As has become my tradition, I don't watch the So You Think You Can Dance auditions.  They just take too long and for every awesome dancer you see, you waste your time with 50 lame ones.  Thankfully, the show won't waste my time this season, as we only get 1 show a week and don't have to waste a terrible amount of time on results.  There are also going to be 2 winners this year, one guy and one girl.

I'm nearly a week behind on last week's episode.  So let's see who our Top 20 are, and judge them solely based on this show alone.

Alexa - was rejected last year, and all the judges think she's dead behind the eyes
George - looks like he'll own everything this year
Will - should be hotter than he is; has a messed up face, is super tall and is FAT
Amber - another previous reject

They perform a decent Tyce Diorio routine together decently.

Nick, Lindsay and Witney - ballroom people, with Lindsay and Witney totally indistinguishable from each other.  Once that routine gets underway, I just go ahead and fast-forward through it, as they all look the same to me.

Eliana - ballet girl, most likely to annoy me
Daniel and Chehon  - ballet guys.  Not sure what a Chehon is, but Daniel has a vague Australian accent and is hot - so YUM.

Ballet is hard.

Tiffany - nope, she's the most likely to annoy me
Audrey - or maybe that title will go to Audrey
Janelle - belly dancer, has crazy (but somehow not annoying) energy and is stunning to look at.  She didn't dance tonight because she's sick.

Once again, the dancers were indistinguishable from each other in the routine.  Same outfits, same hairstyle - that doesn't help.  They also looked like they were 11 years old, and I found that hella disturbing.

Matthew and Dareian, typical contemporary guys
Janaya - really pretty, except for her eyes being too far apart
Amelia - could she be more pale?  Answer: no.

They perform a lovely routine and hey, at least Amelia stands out amongst all these other dancers.  Because her skin reflects light so brightly and all.

Cole - oh, man, the only Asian is fugly.  I'm sad.  He does some martial arts-infused dancing, which is cool.  Way to live up to the stereotype though, dude.  We get it - your people like karate.
Brandon - he's a stepper and hot as hell so HELL YEAH
Cyrus - has a crazy-awesome robotic popping style, probably won't make it past Week 3

They all perform together, and I'm not convinced they're the kind of unique dancers who can do regular choreography well, except maybe Cole.

Then there's a Top 10 Girls number by Travis Wall.  Again, all wearing the same outfit.  Again, not helping when there's one black chick, one clear chick, and the rest are half long-haired blondes and half long-haired brunettes.  The Top 10 Guys do a Sonya Tayeh routine.  HELL YEAH THEY DO!  The guys are so much more explosive and her choreography was perfect for them.  Finally, everyone does a cool Mia Michaels routine -- so nice to have her back.

Snap judgment: Daniel is officially my Boyfriend of the Show.  H.O.T.

No show this week for the holiday, and then I'll be watching the next one late because I'll be at Comic-Con when it's on.  It's almost as if the universe was telling me just to give up and not watch this year but NO!  I gotta have my dance!

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