22 July 2012

So You Think You Can Dance

So many hours of this show to catch up on....

Episode 1

1. Witney and Chehon - Samba by Louis Van Amstel.  It was her style and not his, and you could tell.  Boring.
2. Tiffany and George - Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh.  She's really bendy and in shape.  They make a nice pair.
3. Janaya and Brandon - Lyrical Hip Hop by Tabitha and Napoleon.  Tabitha's hella pregnant. Awwwww.  They were pretty good, but I find myself tiring of the usual Nappy Tabs choreography.  And that's sad.
4. Alexa and Daniel - Jazz by Sean Cheesman.  It was a hard routine, and she struggled with keeping up with it.  And he seemed to struggle with lifting her.
5. Amber and Nick - Viennese Waltz by Jason Gilkison.  I was surprised they were a good pair, since he reminds me of a 10-year-old Clay Aiken and Amber looks like a muscular Whitney Houston.
6. Amelia and Will - Hip Hop by Tabitha and Napoleon.  I only liked it because it used a song by The Cure.  The choreography sucked and Amelia isn't the best fit for it.  She pretty much just stuck her ass in the air the whole time.  Is that dancing?
7. Janelle and Dareian - African Jazz by Sean Cheesman.  African Jazz is always a fun, hard routine and they were awesome!
8. Eliana and Cyrus - Broadway by Tyce Diorio.  I was surprised Cyrus actually did really well with the choreography.  Good stuff!
9. Audrey and Matthew - Contemporary by Travis Wall.  Beautiful routine, setting aside the self-serious Titanic theme.
10. Lindsay and Cole - Pasodoble by Jason Gilkison.  Pretty awesome.  It fit him really well because - hello, muscular.  Jesus.

Episode 2

We open with an amazing routine set to a remix of "The Beautiful People."  Gotta love it!  I was shocked to discover it was a Tabitha and Napoleon routine.  Looked like Sonya to me.  Yay!  They've still got it!

So now everyone performs again, we find out who was in the Bottom 3, then they're booted.  Oh that's nice - force them to learn a new routine and dance and then maybe not make it past the night.  And tonight they're booting 2 of each gender.

1. Lindsay and Cole - Hip Hop by Christopher Scott.  Let's set aside the fact that it was dentist-themed.  Weird.  They were good, even if it was a little goofy.
2.  Amelia and Will - Contemporary by Sonya Tayeh. It felt like the longest routine ever, so I guess it didn't enthrall me.
3.  Amber and Nick - Tango by Tango People.  I'll give his twinky ass credit, he doesn't seem to have problems with the lifts.  They were really good.
4. Audrey and Matthew - Jazz by Sonya Tayeh.  Cool routine, it felt too short.
5. Janelle and Dareian - Hip Hop by Christopher Scott, set to "My Girl."  Which was as good as it sounds, which is to say wholesome and blah.
6. Janaya and Brandon - Broadway by Sean Cheesman.  It was a cool routine and they really work well together.  Might be my favorite couple, if I could distinguish between the hundred couples.
7. Eliana and Cyrus - Jive by Tony and Melanie.  The Jive is always a bit awkward, but he did well with it.
8. Alexa and Daniel - Contemporary by Dee Caspary.  In a bathtub.  Set to Yanni.  So weird. Yuck.
9. Tiffany and George - Foxtrot by Tony and Melanie.  Nothing earth shattering.
10. Witney and Chehon - Bollywood by Mr. Bollywood.  It was really good!

Time to thin the herd.

Bottom 3:
Janaya, Witney, and Alexa.  Agree!
Nick, Daniel, and Chehon.  Agree!

The judges don't want to see anyone dance for their lives.  Alrighty then.

Bye-bye: Janaya and Alexa and Nick and Daniel.  It's a shame because Daniel was supposed to be My Dance Boyfriend, but he really wasn't all that good.  And Nick looked like a young Clay Aiken.  Bye, bitches!!!

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