05 July 2012

Polar Opposite Summer Movie Reviews

Over that weird, blink-and-you-missed-it, mid-week holiday, I saw 2 very different movies, Moonrise Kingdom and The Amazing Spider-man.  They were both pretty awesome.

Moonrise Kingdom is a quirky Wes Anderson movie, and probably his best.  It's funny and sweet and very very wacky.  Most of the action centers around a 1960's girl and boy who run off together, pursued by her family and the rest of his scout troop.  Bruce Willis and Ed Norton are awesome in it.  The movie is, let's be honest, "totes adorbs."

Semi-related due to the awkwardish love story is The Amazing Spider-man.  Because I'd say about 3/4 of this movie centers on the Peter Parker/Gwen Stacy romance.  But it's Andrew Garfield and Emma Freaking Stone, so it's so cute!!!  But seriously, folks, I love them both - separately, together, in real life, in this movie.  Love them.  Also, Andrew Garfield wears the hell out of the skin-tight Spider-man outfit you see featured in the poster here.

Aside from the love story, the special effects are good, it's cool to be swinging around New York with him, the villain is decent, there's loads of teen angst, and did I mention I love Andrew Garfield?

It's not up there with The Avengers in terms of making me desperate to re-watch it 100 times, but it's definitely good.

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