18 July 2012

Comic-Con 2012: Day Two

Friday’s line was freaking nuts, as there is apparently a TV show called The Big Bang Theory, and it is apparently very popular.  We didn’t make it in to see the first couple panels, but we got in for The Walking Dead.  It was a really cool panel and we saw awesome footage from Season 3.  It holds a lot of promise, but that show tends to shit all over promise, so that remains to be seen.  On a related note, on Preview Night, Robert Kirkman (creator of the comic and show) was unveiling a Walking Dead-themed car and I got a picture with him.  He’s so adorable and super nice!!

Game of Thrones is a great show.  George R.R. Martin must be a genius for thinking all of that up.  But he’s boring as shit.  And he moderated the panel.  OMG he’s awkward and painfully unfunny – so he’s a typical socially-awkward nerd then.  They didn’t have new footage and I could tell that it was going to be dull, so I headed upstairs to hopefully not miss Breaking Bad.

And I got right in to Ballroom 20.  I saw an Entertainment Weekly panel about “Women Who Kick Ass” featuring Anna Torv, who does indeed kick ass.  Plus Lucy Lawless!  It was cool. Joss Whedon was up next, and he’s pretty much a Comic-Con god.  It was just him and a microphone on stage, answering questions from the audience.  He’s hysterical and I love him.

The panel I was really there for was Breaking Bad.  And I got way up front!! They didn’t show the premiere like I had heard they would, but really that’s OK because we got to hear the cast talk for an hour – Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Betsy Brandt, Dean Norris (in a warrior princess costume), Jonathan Banks and creator/god Vince Gilligan.  And they are A. May. Zing.  And they were very appreciate and awesome about the fans.  So cool to have them at Comic-Con!!!

Here’s what I learned from the Breaking Bad panel:
•    The season premiere will be one of the funniest episodes, and not violent like last year’s
•    The opening segment will say a lot and yet leave you with a lot of questions.  Have patience – all will be revealed.  From the teaser we saw, it looks like Future!Walt putting something in a trunk.
•    You will likely lose any remaining sympathy you might have had for Walt – full bad guy mode now
•    The season feels “creepy” with Aaron Paul comparing it to the Crawl Space episode in tone
•    We’ll have some more Skinny Pete and Badger and Grey Matter
•    Madrigal Electromotive and Germany will be featured this season
•    Episode 5 is the opposite of a bottle episode, with them actually filming outside of Albuquerque.

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