18 July 2012

Comic-Con 2012: Day Four

We had to get up early again, because even though I only wanted to see the Fringe panel at 10:00, there were Supernatural and Doctor Who panels scheduled after it, and never underestimate those fandoms.  I was geared up for what would surely be a bittersweet Fringe panel, as they were saying goodbye and are always soooo appreciative of the fans.

Tragically, I missed nearly the first half of the panel because those damn Comic-Con idiots didn’t open Hall H early enough.  Nerd rage!!!  So although I got a seat, it wasn’t until after the first video presentation, the Season 5 preview.  Though of course that’s online now.  But I got to see Lance Reddick cry and that was amazing.  He, Anna Torv, and Jasika Nicole were blubbering messes at one point; it was adorable.  Joshua Jackson and John Noble were their normal adorable, funny selves.  Noble said that a movie was a possibility, but I suppose it’s a possibility just like aliens are a possibility.  But I hope it happens!  They had a nice retrospective video thanking the fans too.  They all took a bow at the end.  Love it.  Excited for season 5!

After that, it was trolling the Exhibit Hall, snapping a photo of Nathan Fillion at the Marvel booth, and closing the place down at 5.  Below are some of my favorite cosplay pictures.  We had a great Comic-Con and looking forward to next year!


Mike’s Two Cents (the stuff he saw that I didn’t, while I was making sure to get into the Breaking Bad panel):  Total Recall was awesome as crap and looked really good.  Colin Farrell is always good on a panel.  The hover cars and the way the city is built are cool.  No Schwarzenegger one-liners, more like serious sci-fi.  Looper was awesome; it looks really fast-paced, interesting concept.  It’s not heavily focused on the time travel.  Emily Blunt is funny as shit.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt was cool and funny and grateful to be working.  Elysium footage was still rough but looks pretty good.  Matt Damon is jacked-up and Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley were there too.  Resident Evil 127 - Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez were having fun and made for a really good panel.  They both enjoy being at Comic-Con and know how to work the crowd.

Finally, some photos of the happy nerds and their swag, including the much-coveted Django Unchained tee shirts.

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