29 June 2011

The Challenge: Rivals

It's all about the rivalries, baby! Time to pair up people who hate each other and have hit each other, so that maybe they can do it again! This challenge has, as Robin says, a big group of assholes. Which means it's gong to be A. MAY. ZING.

TJ isn't dead after all, or maybe he is and now Zombie TJ is hosting. I think I'll go with that. Zombie TJ has to do a lot more voiceovers than TJ ever did.

The Teams:
CT and Adam. Cara Maria and Laurel. Johnny and Tyler. Theresa and Camila. Evan and Nehemiah (really, Evan has a rivalry?). Paula and Evelyn. Davis and Tyrie. Jenn and Mandi (barely remember her). Leroy and Adam (from a Real World I didn't watch). Sarah and Katelynn (I've been waiting for her ass to show up on a Challenge!). Ty and Brandon (who?). Jasmine and Jonna (again, something I didn't watch, but it's 2 black chicks - so watch out). Aneesa and Robin. Kenny and Wes.

So a lot of these pairings are actually making sense, but some are forced. Kenny's great for the comedy - he's perfect for this rivalry type of show; he's always doing lots of joning. Plus Evan's there so I expect some good man-on-man action between those two.

The Big Revelations: CT's brother was murdered, so he's a changed man now. Sure, there won't be any unresolved anger issues there. And OMFG Robin has a son???? WHAT!? Poor kid.

Challenge: Tandem long jumps off the edge of a cliff.

Winners: Adam & Leroy and Jonna & Jasmine. Oh snap, son, the new kids won! Everyone else is old and fat. HAHA!

Losers: Evelyn and Paula. Since it's a Women's Elimination this week, they automatically go to The Jungle, and everyone has to deliberate to decide who goes up against them. Everyone pretty quickly decides it'll be Team Fat Ass a/k/a Aneesa and Robin.

Time to let the Pre-Elimination Drunken Debauchery (TM) begin. First makeout: Jasmine and Tyrie, despite her "boyfriend at home". Ty begins his random attacks on people, telling Laurel she's tall and her legs have "hella cellulite". LOFL! Then he tries to fight Unknown Adam. Unknown Adam is a hothead and goes right for him. BOOYAH! First punch: Unknown Adam. In the process, he knocks over Mandi and her head hits the ground. She'll be OK though because she thinks CT is her knight in shining armor (while he's making fun of the size of her head behind her back - LOL). Unknown Adam will continue to be Unknown, as he is kicked off the show before the first episode even ends. He's got a replacement, because they always have to have people on standby in case of punching. Michael joins Leroy. Again, who the hell is he and also he seems to be boys with Leroy - so much for rivals.

The Jungle: Some kind of indescribable thing where each pair is standing on a platform that gets slowly pulled apart. Last team standing wins.

Bye-bye: Robin and Aneesa. Damn, I'll miss having Robin there. Go raise your kid, bitch.


Kim said...

1- I sometimes think that they have TJ doing the show from his backyard. He isn't usually in the shots with the cast.
2- Evan is fat and lame.
3- How can you not remember Mandi's big head?
4- Adam was kicked off of RW Las Vegas (which just ended) after a few episodes. He was always getting drunk and starting fights. Clearly he learned his lesson.
4- Leroy and Mike were BFFs on RW LV and they're trying to get a spinoff.
5- Brandon is from Fresh Meat 2.
6- CT's brother was murdered BEFORE the last show that he got kicked off of. Like right before. So that's why he's saying he was a wreck.
7- I love you.

Juju said...

OMG I can't wait to watch the 2nd one and see if TJ's green-screened in. Wouldn't shock me. I guess we'll know if someone quits, because he'll come in and say how disappointed he is.