24 June 2011

SYTYCD: Results

Tonight's episode was brought to you by Jet Blue and DirecTV, while I was en route to New York.

Cat makes some hangover joke that the 12 year olds in the audience hopefully don't get. She's looking amazing in a red dress.

The group number is utterly forgettable and everyone's dressed identically so you can't even tell who's who. Oh god - that was a Dave Scott routine? It sucked.

Bottom Three:

Wadi and Missy - Duh
Iveta and Nick - That's BS but at least we'll see his solo
Ryan and Ricky - Duh

The guest dance performance is Rage Crew - a gang of awesome kids we've seen 100 times but they're still good.

Wadi's bag o' tricks didn't astound me. I'm not sure that what Missy did is legally considered dancing. And Nick? Love. At this point the TV on the plane cut out which is perfect because screw Iveta. Ricky's solo was petty damn good and Ryan's was fine.

Without my trusty DVR, I had to sit through a lip-sync-tastic performance by LMFAO, but at least the dancers were Hok and his team of amazing Asians.

Iveta and Missy. YAY!!!! Wadi and Nick. BOO!!! I'm sad my white boy's gone, but Ricky's solo really was freaking good, so I'll allow it.

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