11 June 2011

Super 8

I was feeling skeptical about Super 8 going in to it. I was worried about comparisons to E.T., I thought it was set in the 60s, and thought it might be more of a children's film. Luckily, I was all wrong.

It's set in 1979 and is a monster movie through and through. Yeah, it focuses on a group of precocious kids, but I surprisingly didn't find them annoying. They were your typical little ragtag group of kids. They even have the funny fat kid, who was freaking identical to the fat kids from Home Alone and The Goonies. Do they have some factory where they make them? I mean, the Home Alone kid is probably 40 by now, it couldn't have been him, right?

Anyway, following an epically-awesome massive train crash (it's the Train Crash of the Year!), something escapes. I was surprised at how far they took it, and that they made it genuinely scary. Loved that. Also, I'm a sucker for the usual overdose of J.J. Abrams lens flares -- love them. All in all, a great, fun film - and not too sappy!!

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