30 June 2011

SYTYCD: Results

The group number is a terribly complex little routine choreographed by some unknown dude. It looked hard and was forgettable.

Cat's looking a mess, with whore eye-makeup, some pink thing in her hair, and some giant colorful bird Bedazzled on to her neck, like instead of a necklace it's a rhinestone tattoo. She even has some random braid in her hair. With Cat, it's either GORGEOUS or HOT MESS - no in-between - and tonight it's HOT MESS.

Bottom Three:

Ashley and Chris - his solo was pretty cool
Miranda and Robert - her solo was really good
Caitlynn and Mitchell - she was good and he was just alright

I'd send home Ashley and Mitchell. But I'm just pissed we still have Jess.

The guest dance performance was a couple where the dude was in a wheelchair. I tried not to gawk. Or laugh. Then we got another one (no musical guest! yay!) which was some super-strong dude and old-looking chick it was really acrobatic. Crazy partnering.

Bye-bye: Robert and Miranda. HOLY CRAP! They just got done saying she was the most improved girl! I'm fine with it though, I didn't love her. And he was usually more annoying than not, so that's fine too. They weren't gonna win. Peace out.

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