03 July 2011

The Challenge: Rivals

The newest guy, Michael, is talking about farming wheat or something. It's pretty funny watching everyone's faces as they listen to him blabber on about it. Nerd.

My sister had this theory that Zombie TJ isn't really there. It would certainly account for all the voiceovers. At first there's nothing to disprove that. In fact, the cars look totally green-screened behind him. So my theory is that he can only be propped-up half the time. He rallies for the times when he has to be in the house interacting, and does the exteriors from bed.

What drug is Jonna on? Coke? Cuz she moves really quickly -- when just talking to the camera. Fidgety bitch.

I don't even know what the challenge is - I never pay attention anyway, and now I'm too busy trying to determine if Zombie TJ is real. Something about using a bulldozer to drag cars through a field. One person operates the bucket and one person drives. I don't think it's a good idea for these drunkards to be operating heavy machinery.

Winners: Evelyn & Paula and Adam & CT.

Losers: Wes & Kenny. They choose Tyrie & Davis, cuz I guess the guys' plan is to just pick their own opponents.

In tonight's drunken fight, the fiery black chicks go up against the fiery Latinas. Lots of screaming and arm movements. Jasmine punches a mirror.

The Jungle: You're joined with your partner and have to ram the other pair out of the circle. So just loads of manly pushing. And Tyrie's a bigums.

Bye-bye: Tyrie & Davis.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Your sister sounds really smart.
And your theory on Jonna is probably right, she is much skinnier now than on her RW season, so Coke is a possibility.