18 July 2011

The Challenge: Rivals

Laurel's in love with CT too. But he's Mandi's, bitch. Jesus, these girls. Classy. The classiest thing yet is when Mandi leans over to hug Paula near the pool and the editors have to put a big black dot over her cooch. Klass.

Challenge: Move across hammocks strung up over the water. It made me queasy just watching it; I hate how unstable hammocks are. This would definitely be nearly impossible, and people are DQ'ing left and right.

Winners: Johnny & Tyler. None of the girls made it within 15 minutes (and only 1 team made it at all).

Losers: Kenny & Wes. They DQ'd like bitches, Kenny's lost whatever mojo he once had, and they choose to go against Brandon & Ty.

The Jungle: Wet rope climbing. It comes down to Wes v. Brandon and Wes absolutely pwns him when Brandon can barely make it out of the water.

Bye-bye: Brandon & Ty.

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