17 July 2011

Breaking Bad

I am addicted to Breaking Bad. I can't believe it took me this long to watch it, but holy hell is it good. I started catching up just a few months ago and I've already watched all 3 seasons through twice. It was probably best to start late, as people have been waiting a whole year for it to return, whereas I only had to wait a few weeks. The agony of the wait might have done me in. But it's over now, everybody. You know I love a show when I stay up until 10 to watch it. Let the new season commence.

When we last left off, Jesse was killing Gale on Walter's orders so that Walter could continue to be King of the Cooks (and continue to live). We open with a flashback of a giddy, nerdy Gale setting up the lab. Originally, Gus's lab was meant for Gale alone, until Gale got all horny over the purity of Walter's product and convinced Gus to hire on Walter. Gotta have the pure stuff.

Gus's guy verifies that Gale's dead and then makes Jesse drive him back to the lab, where Walter and Mike are waiting. (P.S.: I love Mike the Cleaner.) It's a long night, as they all sit there waiting for Gus to arrive. Walt's all, "We need to start a cook to keep to the schedule." Got to love the man's devotion to his job.

Skyler calls Saul (who's paranoid as hell and checking his office for bugs) looking for Walter. He's no help, so she drives over to Walt's condo and lies to a locksmith to get inside. This fat bitch is really good at lying. (P.S.: I hate that fat bitch.)

Back at the lab, Gus's guy is doing the cooking with Walter hilariously muttering that he's going to forget something. And then Gus arrives. Things aren't hilarious anymore. He simply walks past Walter and starts suiting up in protective gear. He says nothing, so of course Walter fills the silence, desperate to save his skin and blame Gus for Gale's death.

Jesus, this show does tension unlike any other. Walter's blabbering (never understood what all the Bryan Cranston fuss was about - until I started watching this show) and Gus is walking around silently with a boxcutter. It's like, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't kill Jesse or Walter in the first episode, and yet you never really know with this show, I swear. So the tension kills me. But Gus takes the boxcutter and slits his guy's throat with it while staring at Walt, then slowly removes the protective suit, gets dressed, and walks out after saying, "Well? Get back to work." Goddamn, that Gus is freaking terrifying. Even worse than crazy Tuco, but not as horrifying as Tuco's uncle with the bell. I hate that guy.

Seriously, I don't know if I was breathing there. Now I'm actually thankful for commercial breaks - I need a minute! I'm assuming Gus did that for 2 reasons - his guy had been seen at Gale's apartment and it makes a nice point for Walter and Jesse as well.

My boys are on body disposal duty - out comes the acid - and it makes me long for Season 1. Over breakfast at Denny's, Walter's concerned about Jesse, but also wants to start planning their next move. He knows they've only bought themselves some time.

And in the land of the Schraders, Hank's a miserable cripple who bids on minerals online and shits in a bedpan. Poor Hank. Or poor Marie. I don't know which is worse.

Welcome back, show! I love you!

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