10 July 2011

The Challenge: Rivals

Mandi is Wes's "#1 target". Oh, Wes, such a romantic. Too bad for him, Mandi wants to get choked by CT. Literally.

Wes tries to provoke CT by throwing his mattress outside. Man, I wish CT would pummel him. Instead, he just gets in his face and curses him out. Not as fun.

Challenge: You're in a box filled with 1000 pounds of sand and you have to shovel that sand out with your hands to raise the box above the water, then jump to a zip line as far as you can and swim the rest of the way.

Jonna and Jasmine throw their sand on the other team - ha! The water must do crazy things to Jonna's hair because it's now a massive Brillo pad. Katelynn and Mike look like twins. It's frightening. Mike lands in the water with Leroy landing directly on top of him. He then hysterically cry-swims and coughs up blood. Pussy.

Winners: CT & Adam and Evelyn & Paula. Jesus, they both won last week too.

Losers: Cara Maria and Laurel. Camila and Theresa are picked to go in, and bitch and moan about wanting to quit, and planning to throw the challenge. But that's all part of their "psychological game."

The Jungle: They have to turn these doors on a giant wall so that the logos face their team - while the other team is also turning them to their side. Then, after 5 minutes, the team with the most logos wins.

Bye-bye: Camila and Theresa. So much for the psychological game.

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