24 July 2011

Comic-Con 2011: Saturday

After spending Friday sitting on our asses, we decided to just walk around the Exhibit Hall Saturday morning. I attempted to get into the Community panel, but there was a huge line and I could tell that wasn't happening. So I lined up hoping to get into the Fringe panel later that afternoon.  I ended up getting a great seat at that panel, followed by a screening of the pilot for the new show, Alcatraz

Joshua Jackson wasn't scheduled to attend the panel (not surprising, given that he's always jet setting around the world with his fabulous girlfriend), but the rest of the cast was there. John Noble started things off really sweetly by thanking all of the fans for their support. He said that Comic-Con was like their Emmys. Such a cutie. Since Pacey wasn't there, they said the role of Peter was up for grabs and they showed a video of some auditions for the role.  Cue Zachary Quinto, Michael Emerson, Danny Pudi (with a huge gray mustache), and many others "auditioning" for the role. At the end, they featured an audition for the role of an Observer, and it was Pacey. When the lights came back on, Joshua Jackson came out in a suit and hat. The crowd went nuts!!!  He snuggled up next to John Noble. They were all adorable, as always, but of course didn't give away any secrets for next season, or what's going on with Peter. 

I was really looking forward to seeing Alcatraz, because that prison is simply my Favorite Place on Earth.  We took the night tour a couple years back and it's awesome.  I'd do it 100 times. Nothing like a prison at night. So anyway, I'd seriously watch the show just for the prison. The pilot was great (and not just as landmark porn); I'm excited to see what happens. According to the show, when the prison shut down in the 60s, it was because all of the prisoners and guards disappeared. Any transfer papers and death certificates have been forged. And now a prisoner has come back, he hasn't aged, and someone is instructing him to kill people.  I am looking forward to watching it - but it doesn't premiere until January!

Now Mike had been on the floor this whole time. As I walked down the Exhibit Hall to meet up with him, I passed by Anthony Head - Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And when I met up with Mike, he was taking pictures of Joss Whedon in the Marvel/Avengers booth. Double Buffy encounter!  So I show Mike the picture I took of Giles and he goes, "I was just talking to that dude about how crazy the crowds are!" The donk didn't realize who he was, but apparently the man has a nice watch - he scoped that out. 

A little more wandering about, and then dinner. Had a great time and we already have our tickets and hotel for next year, so we should be there!

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